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Jun-08-2018 Categories: news

I in actuality ambition for already and I am hopeful from the Lebron awning and bartering that maybe this may assuredly be the year but I ambition 2K would just let us be "the next Lebron James" as in let us be aristocratic players and be top abstract picks.

Nobody brand accepting an undrafted amateur and starting at 65 overall. The alone acumen 2k does this is so that humans accept to absorb so abundant added banknote to buy vc because it in actuality takes so continued for anyone accustomed with a activity to get abundant vc to even be good.

The actuality that in 2K18, it bulk about 200,000 vc which is about $100-$150 and it alone got you to 85 was ridiculous. And even afresh that the cap breakers were random? Why couldnt we at atomic accept our cap breakers like a absolute amateur can accept what to focus on if they practice.

In the end, it's in actuality not fun for anyone to accept to play as the undrafted amateur and be bound into two archetypes (and to be even accidentally good/elite at annihilation defective to be a authentic archetype). It's absurd to accept annihilation even accidentally abutting to an all about guy like Lebron or even Westbrook or KD.

Like does 2K not accept that the superstars of the alliance are all in actuality acceptable all about players...? Let us be top abstract picks and play the way we want. Heck, even let us be worse abstract picks if it agency maybe earning added vc in return.

No nba aggregation would anytime assurance anyone as bad as the myplayers we are affected to alpha out with and that needs to change. If these changes don't appear this year I forth with apparently many, abounding added will not be affairs the bold this year.

It's in actuality a abashment how abundant of a bits appearance 2K has become with all the arrant avidity that they have.

They acclimated to be one of the a lot of fan aboriginal companies and every bold they put was calmly annual every dollar they answerable if not added and now it's nothong like it acclimated to be.

TLDR: Let us play as top abstract picks of mt nba 2k19 and none of this undrafted 65ovr amateur getting anymore. And let us excel in added than two things. No superstar in the nba is captivated to alone accepting acceptable st 2 things and neither should we.