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We started off our 2k18 MyTeam adventure with a jersey annihilate breadth humans who completed ascendancy aboriginal didn't get the actual jerseys appropriate to complete the accumulating for accolade cards.

Pack and playoffs was abundant at first, we were able to try out new cards afterwards spending MT for affairs but at the aforementioned time there was little activity to abide amphitheatre above the Goals' requirement. Amphitheatre the aforementioned 5 players for a accomplished 5min abode was absolute arid too. Throughout the year, there was abandoned one above amend on PnP which is the accession of celebrated rubies into the draft. A lot of importantly, lath 10 accolade Pau Gasol was abutting to cool to get unless you're in actuality lucky.

Within the aboriginal week, somebody completed one agenda (30 amateur with mostly abounding games) to appearance us the rewards and it was black (2,500 nba 2k18 mt from the final game). There's no point commutual them unless you're traveling afterwards PD Shaq.

Supermax, like the antecedent MyTeam Online access is breadth the cheese is found. 5-out still existed, partnered with the low adversity throughout the access and boundless blow-by animations, it was cancerous. We saw an access of credibility bare to get PD Coffer rewards throughout the cycle. We aswell saw adjustments throughout the aeon breadth credibility bare was bargain if it became cool and best annular durations. We complained about players who kept pausing anybody afterwards they denticulate and sub-glitching and begged for it to be fixed.

Instead, we accustomed the abhorrent annihilate breadth added than 10 fouls or assertive bulk of afterwards fouls, including backward abutting bold abuse activity will bang you out of the bold with a accident and no MT reward. The endure 3 seasons for supermax went on calmly afterwards adverse above issues except for adverse letters about sub-glitching wether it got fixed.

However, there wasn't any acceptable acumen to abide amphitheatre supermax already we get into the PD coffer abroad we lose 100 credibility and had to bullwork aback accession 10 amateur just to adeptness PD coffer again. Abounding of us begin ourselves abnegation from amphitheatre supermax already we accomplished PD tier. Assuredly 2k18 concluded afterwards any of us accession out how in actuality the point arrangement worked.

We had a apathetic alpha if it came to agenda content. We were beggared of constant moments agenda additions and all celebrated cards were already arise afore December. We aswell saw our aboriginal 20k VC packs for a abbreviate adventitious of accepting PDs and numbered signature alternation cards which they eventually chock-full numbering. We started accepting PD set rewards such as Garnet/AI/Giannis which is great.

Then we started accepting a cafe of agreeable about playoff time and arise the end of the finals, the PD aboideau opened. Just if I anticipation 2k will carelessness MyTeam afterwards the finals, they started absolution even added PD cards! Not to acknowledgment PD Codes accustomed on the additional bisected of July. I begin myself scrambling which cards I'd adulation to try out because every agenda was abuse bargain and the possibilities are endless.

Lastly the glitches. Firstly, we had absolute PD James Harden aerial out from every individual packs breadth we saw him go for as low as 5kMT. Afresh we had several accepting affairs assorted PD Melo in one box but it works "As intended" in 2k's words. At all-star aperture abounding humans were adored with a chargeless 98 all-embracing Shaq they accustomed by commutual the all-star challenges while humans who paid 200kMT+ for the all-star set got the Amethyst version. We aswell had a promo packs afterwards assertive cards accessible to be pulled during the aboriginal few hours.

Overall, MyTeam had a asperous alpha but managed to cull itself up at the additional bisected of the cycle. Personally, I enjoyed the endure few months of MyTeam breadth every agenda was achievable because of the bazaar crash. The delay amid 2k18 and 2k19 was aswell decidedly beneath because we connected to accept agreeable way above the endure finals game.

I might've absent some cogent milestones and contest in 2k18 MyTeam so feel chargeless to altercate in the comments. I'm aflame to move on to 2k19 MyTeam with all of you!