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NBA 2K - 2K18 Myteam Ideas of Agenda challenges

Anyone abroad anticipate it was appealing air-conditioned how we were able to appearance the stats on cards this year? For a carbon monster like myself, this was absolute adorable to see NBA 2K18 MT Coins.

But how abundant bigger would it be to accomplish them even added advantageous by adhering challenges to these cards to alleviate rewards?


Make 402 3's online with Sapphire Stephen Curry.

Reward: Sapphire Stephen Curry with Hall of Fame Limitless Range, Bolt and Shoot, and Abysmal Ambit Deadeye.

You could even use these agenda challenges to alleviate allegorical cards


Record 2,149 rebounds with any amateur to alleviate 95 All-embracing Wilt Chamberlain

This would in actuality accolade players for arena the bold naturally. There are so abounding challenges you actualize with a arrangement like this and it would be a acceptable way to duke out appropriate cards.

In any case, I am just throwing out ideas

Sounds a lot like what design absolutism does on the show. I like it and achievement it's added.

I'm not into MLB at all, but my acquaintance lemme analysis out The Appearance afresh and I was air-conditioned afflicted with the bulk of detail the devs focused on for the offline content.

If 2K18 does the same, I just adeptness aces it up. But if they accumulate advance the shitty online agreeable down my throat, I'm gonna pass.