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Jul-13-2018 Categories: news

Here are some improvements that I anticipate 2k should accomplish with either 2k19 or in the future.


1, Altered myCareer Paths - Anniversary year 2k has one set myCareer Path which is in actuality predictable. It's either the undrafted kid from the hood, the top School superstar, or something like that. I anticipate 2k should accomplish altered paths you could yield and not absorb so abundant time with all the cut scenes for one path. In 2k18 there were way too abounding cut scenes for the myPlayer and it got air-conditioned annoying. 2k could adjudge which paths of 2k18 mt, but I anticipate they should do these.

a.High School Air-conditioned Brilliant -Similar to the 2k17 adventure with Prez. Self explanatory, kinda like a Zion or Lebron, all the advertising from the media, lots of absorption from all the teams.

b.Undrafted - Similar to the 2k18 adventure with DJ. You could acquire him do the little try out in the adjacency afresh or something like that.

c.International - There's never an advantage for this and I anticipate this would be a air-conditioned idea. You could aces some amateur from any country and acquire him go to one set atom breadth all the International Players try out for the NBA.

These are just a brace but 2k could do way added with these. Aswell I bet it would be harder to do this bulk wise, but you could just acquire them all go beeline to the NBA to abstain programming the School teams again.


3. Selecting an Abettor - Every division there is a set abettor that you get. I anticipate it would be absorbing if you could baddest an agent, anniversary with a altered personality and altered attributes/settings. For example, one abettor gets you bigger contracts, accession abettor gets you added admirers and endorsements, accession abettor gets you bigger arena time. Idk something like that.


I acquire so abounding changes for myGM. So not a lot of humans play myGM so it's barefaced that 2k doesn't absorb so abundant time on it. That accepting said, myGM has lots of abeyant and A LOT ton of things to improve.

1, Clean - 2k brought the clean affection several years aback which is air-conditioned cool. But absorbed to the clean feature, there should be a structured and absolute advantage just to change the uniforms aural the accepted organization. Forth with this there should be a structured and absolute advantage to clean the stadium/create a new amphitheater afterwards accepting to move cities or in actuality rebuild. Aswell if you actualize new uniforms for the team, I anticipate you should aswell be able to accrue the alternates and save the accepted home and aways as alternates or throwbacks.

2, Abstract Chic - I abandoned abhorred accepting the set abstract chic for the aboriginal year in myGM. I consistently like importing the absolute abstract class, so it is added realistic. Like if you in actuality wanna acquire a set abstract chic like that, like go advanced you can do it, but just don't force it on us. And if you adjudge to acquire the set abstract chic afresh (hopefully as abandoned an option) amuse accomplish the set abstract chic realistic. Like theres in actuality not that abounding white players in abstract classes and it just feels air-conditioned unrealistic. Also, a lot of of them attending like old men.

3, Bacon - So it was appealing harder to akin up your myPlayer this accomplished year in 2k which I did like. But at the aforementioned time I like accretion and diversifying means to admission VC. One of these would be through myGM. I anticipate the myGM should acquire a bacon of VC just like the myPlayer has a salary. Maybe it should be a bit less, but there still should be something there. I would advance accomplishing it at the end of anniversary ages or something. This should aswell alter from VC rewards from arena amateur in myGM. Aswell as for owning a franchise, 1,500 VC as the max per year is way too little. I anticipate you should try to accomplish it added agitative by accepting added rewards for owning a authorization and authoritative it added astute with VC rewards added common than at the end of the year.

4, Storylines - The adventure band with the buyer and his son were a little too abundant this accomplished year. I will admit, I don't anticipate it was a bad idea, but it was abracadabra to the point breadth about every additional you had to accord with the adventure line. Aswell as declared before, in accepted for storylines, instead of extending one adventure band air-conditioned long, accomplish assorted options for the adventure curve that are not as long. This will accomplish it far added interesting.


I dont in actuality play MyLeague, but I in actuality do like the affection breadth you can footfall in breadth your aggregation is in the season. I aswell like the one breadth you can alpha from the offseason.


Customizing Shoes - This affection is air-conditioned anachronous but has a lot of potenial. With all the new primeknit, boost, react, etc appearance on shoes, there's lots that they could do with this. Afresh if it is congenital into the myCareer access it'll be way cooler.

First Bold Roster: There should be a agenda accessible that was the agenda at the alpha of the season, not harder to do.

These are just about my thoughts on 2k in general. Let me apperceive what you guys think.