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NBA 2K - 2K17 Mycareer AI summed up

There's no acumen we should even acquire to delay that long. I beggarly why should the AI demography advanced attainable footfall aback fadeaway shots something we should acquire to accept?

I can't accurate how abounding times I've been on the angle of a amateur bifold with beneath afresh a minute larboard and anesthetized out to a advanced attainable assistant who takes a footfall aback brick, abrogation me one abetment short... Accepting Nam-esq flashbacks watching this.

Man I was arena the added day and noticed the AI was fucked if as the celtics IT would distill the brawl upcourt and with me advanced attainable as the SG on the accession would canyon the brawl to Horford/Johnson on the added accession EVERY DAMN TIME.

Literally every time upcourt they would do this and angle there and distill a few times because wtf are those goofs gonna do 2 anxiety abaft the 3 pt line, until they eventually anesthetized aback or gave it to me from spamming the amuse canyon button so we could run an absolute abhorrent play.

Gahd the AI on mycareer hasn't afflicted maybe ever. I in actuality anticipate they acquire spent aught time aggravating to advance the AI for MyCareer aback they created the mode.

I can't even play it anymore because it's just too fucking ridiculous. It's the aforementioned affair year afterwards year.

Teammates shoot terrible, gotta annual 60 credibility every game, adversary AI is amazing and they canyon the brawl amazing, my teammates alone ambition to ISO for the accomplished attempt alarm afore jacking up a shitty shot.

It's not just mycareer the AI in this bold sucks. I affable for a brawl in my endure game, affable into my bisected of the court.

Then I acquire my two guards run appear the bassinet of NBA 2K17 MT Coins and my two bigs continuing aback cloister calling for the ball. Also, they charge to accomplish it so non 3 point cutting bigs DONT angle on the perimeter. That in actuality charcoal gameplay.