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NBA 2K - 2K17 All-encompassing Immortality Amateur Pack

I mean, if you dont apperceive John Brown, you dont apperceive bits about 2k. I anticipate he was even in a awning some year. Da complete M (Ctrl+V) P.

If you attending at the beforehand rosters for assertive teams like the 90's beasts or the 80's Lakers, there are 65 all-embracing players added on NBA 2K17 MT Coins, all called something like "john brown" or "john smith".

They all acquire the aforementioned stats, and im appealing abiding that they all went to the aforementioned college.

I anticipate 2k did this because they couldnt acquisition abundant advice on the blow of the team's roster.

Just go to Options > Agenda sometime, and attending at the affliction players on the beforehand roster. the aforementioned guy keeps bustling up.

They did this because there were apparently bank players on those teams they couldn't access the rights for.

So they sub in a all-encompassing amateur because who in actuality cares about the 13th man on those teams anyway?

The university is UCLA. I like searching at accomplished players colleges and at aboriginal I was like "holy shit, I didn't apperceive UCLA produced this abounding NBA championship players!"

I wouldn't apperceive because if I play with best teams, I usually do the approach area you are one amateur on the aggregation and there are no subs.