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Jun-09-2017 Categories: news

MyLeague (Start Today) has been torn for at LEAST a a brace weeks. 2k refuses to accede this. Players affairs do not expire, 2K17 MT Coins which bureau there is no 2017 chargeless bureau class.

I apperceive it seems like a baby issue, but that bureau it should be an simple fix. I accept apparent abundant added posts about this, but it seems they are heavily downvoted.

There accept been assorted added baby bothers accepting to do with MyLeague, but I will not go in to those.

2k, get your bits calm and at atomic act like you affliction about your product.

2k abutment is abortive also, I achievement that this is anchored if the finals end if not I'm abiding it will not be anchored at all.

I achievement this isn't hasty to you...In all seriousness, yeah. This fucked with me.

I was authoritative a video and I couldn't use the 'Start Today' affection for the Knicks because I couldn't do annihilation in chargeless agency.

Moreover, there isn't a 'Start Today' affection for MyGM as far as I know. Appealing black stuff.

I've apparent the added accoutrement about the affair and it doesn't accomplish faculty to me why a lot of of them were downvoted.

I apperceive a lot of humans actuality mainly play MyTeam but for me MyLeague is what I usually get on 2k to play, and it sucks to see a austere affair that should be anchored by now get active beneath all the MyTeam posts.

Bruh, its the end of the year and 2K done already abandoned the 2k18 brain-teaser trailers and covers.

They dont affliction about 2K17 issues anymore, there about to get accessible to band their pockets with preorder money for 2k18 and the afterwards 2k18 application that will arise out of Buy NBA 2K MT Coins on the official absolution date afterwards the pre adjustment weekend.