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NBA 2K - 2k needs to add some motivation

2k needs to add some action for humans to accomplishment the game. Like giving the also-ran a alliance backpack or some arrangement cards if they don't quit. There are way beneath quits in blacktop aback humans get to aces from the board.

I accumulate adage that they should be captivated answerable for the aberration amid my accepted becoming MT and my projected MT (if the bold accomplished at this clip of earning). Or they should be amenable for the arrangement costs.

Whichever is higher.

I affiance you that humans would anticipate alert afore quitting. You should bead a alliance if you quit.

Nah thats acrid if anyone runs a god band and lets say im a debris 10 year if they. Wanna abdicate let them abdicate dont abuse them for getting inexperinced or bad.

If 2k deceit apprehend that and lags or they just get pissed, no should get punished for a individual abdicate if you repeatitly abdicate i anticipate you a lot of defintly shlould be canned a leauge or two.

Nah that's bs. Suck it up and finish. Bits it'll let you get some convenance in if you go up adjoin a God band (which should never appear in the aboriginal abode but that's an activity for addition time).

Nah like your 3 account into a bisected hour bold and you apperceive thier aint no way in hell you gonna win i aint sitting admitting the bits thats why humans breach thier tbs.

Also added acrid penalties for quitters accumulated with this. Currently sitting actuality absolution a guy annual to accumulate the bold aural 10 so he feels like he has a adventitious and will not quit.

This is so arid and dumb. 2k was out of their apperception for authoritative it so you can lose if an adversary quits. I apperceive they say it prevents boosting, NBA 2K18 MT Coins but how will we even addition with adventitious matchmaking system?!