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NBA 2K - 2k makes 40 bucks anniversary time

If you went to an automated car ablution and paid 40$ every time and every time your came came out of the ablution it was still bedraggled would you accumulate traveling to car ablution every ages and achievement that one day it gets bigger and your car comes out clean?

And aswell the addition for PC users absolute abundant exists, it's to charlatan the bold and play the offline appearance until 2ks sales are afflicted abundant to accomplish a change.

In my car ablution example: 2k makes 40 bucks anniversary time you go that car ablution whether they apple-pie the car or not so why would they alpha putting in added accomplishment and plan and absorb some of their accumulation to accomplish something bigger that will not account them or accomplish them added afresh the 40$ they're accepting anniversary time.

Edit- I aswell never said to stop authoritative accoutrement like this but it's aboveboard to anticipate that 2k in actuality gives a bits about a cilia with 87 votes if they're ambidextrous with millions of dollars every month.

Y'all in fact down voting this? I'm not even arresting 2K lol I'm just aggravating to brainwash you guys on how a business operates because you guys accept to anticipate 2K is in it for the fan acknowledgment if time afterwards time they accept aboveboard shown they don't affliction about their accomplished abecedarian abject let abandoned PC.

(Also I played 2K on PC from 2k12 to 2k16 so it's not like I'm talking out of my ass here)

I anticipate you're accepting downvoted because we are all acquainted that is the solution. We adulation basketball simulations, and are aggravating to arise calm as a association to acquaint 2K that we are ailing of this shit.

Ultimately, you are apparently right. The abandoned affair they will in actuality apprehension is their basal band accepting effected. But that doesn'treally abode our Madden with this shit.

It sucks, NBA 2K18 MT Coins and a lot of us just wish to aperture and see if others allotment our displeasure. I apperceive it sounds acclamation or whatever, but it's affectionate of nice to apperceive you aren't the abandoned one frustrated.