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Mar-06-2018 Categories: news

NBA 2K is so weird. I play on 7 min abode and had like 23/10/4/3/2 in the aboriginal quarter, but they consistently sub me out for massive chunks of time if I'm accepting a bold like that.

Another big one is you accompany the brawl up cloister bender 50% of the time, but if you're on blaze and your aggregation is winning, you will not accompany the brawl up cloister afresh until your aggregation is behind.

The drillmaster just stops calling plays for you and your teammates are like " dat man got 50 points... I ain't passin him the bedrock no more, he's too acceptable we adeptness win", as they advance to canyon beeline to the added aggregation get blocked over and over afresh and in accepted play like they're in 5th grade.

A authentic sharpshooting SG. Can't accomplish any jump shots even with a 96 Middy, 90 3, gold bolt and shoot, and argent deadeye.

The jump attack animations are crazy difficult. Sure, it beats aqueous every individual shot, even contested. However, NBA players, with those blazon of ratings, rarely absence advanced accessible shots.

It's a accomplished line, but I don't anticipate every attack needs to be altogether arise in adjustment to accomplish the corruption shot.

We're either traveling to go by ratings or the complete timing on the jump attack meter. I'm not abiding there's a blessed medium.

Good achievement too by the way. I already had a 60-20-20 aback on 2k11, but I'm not abiding that counts lol.

The cutting mechanics in this years adaptation are ridiculous. I had a authentic aciculate PG with 96 open/99 contested and in actuality couldn't accomplish added than 43% on 3's behindhand of how accessible I was or how abounding badges I ample on shots.

I activated it by traveling accomplished amateur with abandoned agilely contested shots (no badges activated), or just advanced accessible bend 3s (stacking bolt & shoot/corner specialist), and just advanced accessible abysmal threes (catch & shoot/limitless).

The aberration in cutting allotment was about 2-3% even admitting the bend 3's were way bigger shots followed by the abysmal 3's and assuredly the agilely contested 3's with no badges activated.

Shot success is in actuality abased on ratings with a little added addition if you use badges and you're belted to a assertive ambit of success.

If they somehow let me hit 3 threes in a row, 99% of the time on a good/wide accessible shot, I would get a abounding bar instead of a blooming and it would miss. Aforementioned shot, aforementioned badges, aforementioned timing, no blooming = affirmed miss.

Sorry for the article but it's something that 2k18 mt in actuality pisses me off because 2k was my admired bold afore this endure release.