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NBA 2K - 2k is so fake

I accept my NBA 2K18 MT and I was up by 21 amid through the 3rd division if out of boilerplate my adversary starts hitting cheese threes with Marcus fucking Smart.

My brilliant abecedarian LeBron afresh chock-full scoring. To top it all off I absent on a endure added attempt by Avery Bradley that bounced about the rim 20 times afore traveling in.

Tldr; rubberbanding is absolute and this bold is unrealistic.

I had a agnate game, freakn BRONZE jonas jerebko hitting shots like he's steph back-scratch appropriate in my defenders face.

2k is so fake, i wont be affairs this bold anytime again...This affected brownish abecedarian hitting bs shots and afresh my PD kevin adulation just starts missing all 2nd half...screw this.

Maybe 2k wants the weaker aggregation to accept a adventitious so admirers will abide playing.

"Oh now this nigga hitting contested 3s with smart?" "Do I gotta shoot these bend 3s with LeBron?" "Korver!!"

I can't acquaint if this is a advertence to the Cavs-celtics bold or not.

Once I saw that bold acceptable NBA 2K18 MT Coins that some bits 2k would cull off in a Pro Am clash final.