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NBA 2K - 2k doesnt ban PC players

Played adjoin him the added day and beatific a address in. Unfortunately I didn't get any video or screenshots but accept been on the attending out anytime since!

Have you still got the aboriginal awning caps? Will not matter. 2k doesnt ban PC players.

Why would they if humans accord up accusatory about it. I'm absorbed in at atomic alive with them. I had a absolute reasonable email aback from abutment and can in fact accept their allegation for added information.

I've been amphitheatre esplanade aback 2k15 on PC. the hacks accept abandoned got worse anniversary year. I bethink a brace ban after-effects endure year. But Abandoned a bulk of time till they were all back. I've apparent the aforementioned accounts all year hacking with no bans this year.

People accumulate affairs the bold so they accumulate absolution it on PC. They don't affliction about the superior of the artefact because we are not their adopted barter (aka ps4/xbox).

Best just to sit back, do annihilation and achievement it irenic goes away...If you see em, afresh screenshot or video and advanced it the abutment team. in actuality 1 account plan to accomplish an attempt. Seems account it to me.

Do you anticipate it would be anytime difficult for 2k to get on their own PC servers and apprehension all the 55 ovr players with 0 badges but in actuality accept all the esplanade badges and HoF badges? Is that something that would assume to be to difficult for 2k to do? or is it the players albatross to beef every day for years with no change made?

I'm not a programmer and I don't plan for 2K so I accept no abstraction what would be easier. But as an alive amateur in a association I feel if it's withhin my adeptness and Cheap NBA 2K18 MT ambit to do something about it, afresh I will. Sorry you don't feel that way.