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NBA 2K - 2k did some bs scavenger hunt

Kyrie is my favourite amateur so the bulk wasn't in fact an issue. 150k NBA 2K17 MT was lower than the kyrie you could buy and the rewards kyrie is better.

I paid $30 for the kyrie cipher that worked, not too bad in fact aback the cipher was so rare.

Yikes...That's a lot. If you're still alive your way through MTO afresh I assumption it wouldn't be that bad. I accomplished MTO aback in January so my will/want to accessible packs dropped.

I'm not a fan of paying for basic items that become anachronistic for the next season. I'd rather put that money appear addition bold or 2K18.

That mindset applies to added amateur as well. If a new bold comes out that has a division pass, I will delay until the gold copy comes out so I can accept aggregate in one package.

A little off activity and im apologetic ab you accepting scammed and all that i achievement you get your acquittance dude or something! but how do humans access these Kyrie codes ability I ask?

Just apprehensive because i've been seeing and audition about them but no abstraction how theyre obtained.

2k did some bs scavenger hunt. they beatific out 1000 kits to a few gamestops all over the usa. prob all gone by now.

I didnt even attack to search. f all that. I'm not acknowledging added of their bad marketing. aforementioned with locker codes.

Mods in fact should ban this fuckboi from this sub. Disgraceful of him to accept to resort to scamming a adolescent association affiliate for video bold points.

Damn dude that's crank af. luckily you didnt absorb complete money. i would never go aboriginal in a adumbral reddit or any added online transaction idc how "reputable" they are.