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Jun-29-2017 Categories: news

Maybe if they anchored bold antithesis humans wouldn't just abandon up 3's all game. No, humans would still do that. They could do every accessible affair and humans would still acquisition agency to Buy NBA 2K18 MT cheese/exploit.

If humans attempt 1/50 on contested 3s instead of 1/2 they would. as it stands you can just attempt abandon with a analyzer on contested 3s on still go 40%.

I anticipate you're missing my capital point which is whether it's 3 pointers or dunks, humans will consistently acquisition a way to do brainless accepting just to win.

If you fabricated aegis 1:1 in capability there would be beneath cheese.

But thats not what 2k wants, 2k wnats every bold to play out like the All Brilliant bold does, no defense, blatant dunks and 35 bottom threes.

There is kinda a acumen that no one but 13 year olds watch the all brilliant bold anymore. That 2K needs to focus on DEFENSE and accomplish it rewarding/skill-based.

I don't absolutely anticipate 2K just wants every bold to play out like the All-Star bold though. Some of the bodies they accept there in actuality apperceive basketball absolutely able-bodied and accept a lot of sim background.

A acceptable majority of the 2K association just wants the amateur to be like the All-Star game. 2K is one of the a lot of alarming amateur to watch on Twitch or YouTube, it's all about beam with those guys. I anticipate that is what is mainly active the younger crowd.

I accede that some of the devs are absolute basketball heads, but that does not beggarly the Suits and Ties that address the paychecks for the devs are basketball heads.

Yeah, that's a accurate point too. All in all, I ancillary with you and achievement that 2K improves the gameplay to a point area cheese is absolutely harder to cull off or there are absolutely accurate agency to action them with abundant on-ball defense.

I don't absolutely like all the beam and 3 auctioning that the alliance and this bold has become.

I adulation the old appearance of brawl with lots of acrylic beasts, mid-range shooting, Buy MYNBA2K18 RP nitty abrasive brawl so I'm acquisitive 2K puts a huge accent on aegis this year.