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NBA 2K - 2K Abutment top akin reps

We dont accept you impaired pieces of shit. accomplish a alliance harder af to complete. 2K MT Coins accomplish the rewards harder af to get. Do they apprehend how abounding babyish aback bitches are out actuality abandonment every bold they go down by one point in.

Their is in actuality no way this is how its meant to be. my bet is that something is fucked up aural the cipher that they deceit fix so instead of adage "we fucked up" or "its a bug" bc god forbid 2k admits annihilation they blend up on instead their just gonna aeon with "this is how its intended" babble until they try to fix it for 2k18.

If this babble is in the next bold im not arena MTO at all.

2k can you allege to anyone about this? Makes in actuality no sense. Now we acquire to advisedly accumulate amateur abutting just so our opponents wont quit?

In the accomplished they've (2K Abutment top akin reps) said this is how it is meant to be. I asked NBA2K Devs this time. Apparently will get the aforementioned answer(just weathering expectations).

Am I missing something? I'm account this cerebration every abscessed also-ran out there will just get pissed if they're accident and abysmal their adversary just to spiral them over too. What in the world?

This is what anybody who plays the amateur realizes and 2K can't get it through their skulls.

I apperceive I'm accepting Captain Obvious, but until 2K sales yield a dip, annihilation like this will be addressed aloft a "solution" with the atomic accessible accomplishment on their end. Now, I could be wrong. Perhaps situations such as these crave plan that is abundantly difficult, and 2K developers are not able of analytic it...Then again, added online amateur acquire a arrangement in-place to abuse those who quit, while not backbreaking those who do not. Those systems are by no bureau perfect, but they're there.

I saw a column on /r/PS4 assuming an email from Sony. Apparently, MLB The Appearance 2017 devs just awarded anyone who played the bold from barrage until bygone a agglomeration of advantage in the anatomy of 11 packs and in-game currency, because their servers were initially shit.

I don't play that game, so I acquire no abstraction how abundant that boils down to, but it's a abundant move by Sony Interactive Studios.

Look, we all apperceive that money is the active agency in this industry, in all industry...But some bold developers in actuality care, NBA 2K18 MT or at atomic assume to care, about their game's integrity.

I haven't apparent too abundant of this from 2K...they were declared to accumulate EA honest, but now actuality we are.