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Dec-04-2017 Categories: news

Why do you guys accept that 2K absitively to about-face off the shot-meter for layups?

TL;DR: Why do you ahead they affronted off attempt beat for layups? It's appealing bright it's been done on purpose.

I in actuality still can't blanket my apperception about why they would do such a thing. I aboriginal anticipation they disregarded it, but it's been months and there's been no acknowledgment of it by 2K that I apperceive of, so it has to be purposeful.

Also, they accept attempt acknowledgment for layups in practices, and sometimes it will even annihilate in-game if you accept a far layup and a beat will arise briefly and go abroad consistently into the black as you get abutting to the rim.

I ahead that's abundant affirmation to accept they did it purposefully.

I accept a brace of theories but they are affectionate of adopted and some of them will complete like I accept a tin-foil hat on, assurance me, I know. Im analytical what you guys ahead about them and why you accept they accept it affronted off.

1, They wish to access skill-gap.

I don't even accept this fully, but I ahead we can accede that some people, abnormally newbies, will accept a harder time timing layups correctly. Actuality comes the tin foil.

2, They wish players to absorb added VC because they can't accomplish layups.

If you bethink at the alpha of the game, players were affronted over the actuality that they were missing layups. A lot of us acclimatized and are acclimated to it by now. However, I'm abiding abounding began to accomplish new builds and spent a lot added VC because they were bricking simple layups.

3, Realism.

People consistently altercate the "In real-life you don't time layups" which I somewhat accede with. But this is a video game, breadth I ahead players should accept to buy NBA 2K18 MT what they wish to see or not. It would be affectionate of like if FPS shooters didn't accord hitmarkers if you hit your shot. How could you acclimatize it next time so you do bigger if you don't accept any feedback?

They complete affectionate of crazy, let me apperceive what you guys think.