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MU Legend - Webzen accomplishing annihilation about Gold Spammers

I'm seeing the aforementioned appearance names over the accomplished 48 hours gold spamming in town. I can see it demography a few hours to ban somebody, but 2+ days? I've appear them assorted times. It seems the lights are on but cipher is home if it comes to association management.

The bold is agreeable as it is now but I do anguish for their affair with botters as i've credible a huge bulk appear in the accomplished few days. I even saw them commercial on affair lists for dungeons. I got a beam out of it to be honest but it was just batty to see how these bots are festering the bold lol.

I just achievement Webzen in actuality cares about their playerbase abundant to do something. As of appropriate now it seems it's too anon to acquaint but we accept no abstraction if they were anticipating this.

I'd be hardpressed to say that they weren't. They've had to accept dealt with this in the accomplished not to accept advancing this happening.

I aswell abundantly argue the banknote boutique archetypal as it is appropriate now. It just seems like a banknote grab at this point... about paying for exceptional associates on a ages to ages basis, as able-bodied as timed cosmetics...

It just doesn't sit able-bodied with me... Afterwards about a decade of traveling from MMO to MMO I just never see a acceptable end to this affectionate of business practice. Who knows, I could be wrong.

If I were to accord them as abundant braiding as I could, it would be that they're attempting to actualize something that will advice automate the activity based on keywords so that they don't just ban anyone and accept them achieve a new account.

I anamnesis something agnate accident in an MMO a few years ago, breadth the bots didn't get banned for a anniversary or so, but afresh they were al of a sudden gone and far added scarce. But that's me accepting optimistic added than anything.

Why not accept it already running? Maybe they (porting from Korea) don't accept their keyword account configured correctly. Or charge to acclimatize it.

Games like this with companies like Webzen about don't try toooo harder on accepting rid of the spam affairs and botting because it's about "any columnist is acceptable press" so even admitting it's crazily annoying (just actualize a corruption blacklist!) it's still accessible for Webzen because the sellers advice advance a bazaar of humans arena the bold for best than they ability accept afterwards the advice from the bought gold.

That's not a acceptable affair admitting as any columnist absolutely is not acceptable press.

Having goldspam complete absolved in the bold ambiance does annihilation added than appearance the developers don't affliction at all. it makes the bold attending bargain and uncared for. and accustomed it's in it's aboriginal anniversary the signs are not good.

B&S had the exact aforementioned affair at the alpha and it was a complete blend - no way to abode goldsellers at all, MU Legend Zen or block them afterwards bushing up a blocklist (with no way to audit or adapt that account either) and no way to anticipate them from spamming server channels.