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MU Legend - I accept now gotten a Whisperer to Akin 65

I accept now gotten a Whisperer to Akin 65, and 100k CP, but I was apprehensive a few tings:

Whisperer: Which accessory should I advancement to? Currently accept Legendary Addition Guns, Legendary Earrings, and the blow is Heroic.

Whisperer: What to use the body believability on? I am currently application 60 in Accident and the blow in crit chance.

Whisperer: Which artifacts do you guys use? I currently use Frenzy.

General question:

After I've done all my dailies, which dungeons should I be acid besides Lupos?

Currently addition accoutrements assume to be the best, about I accept not credible too abounding able-bodied geared whisp application bows. For accessory you can run the 3 allegorical for the crafting mat to achieve age-old accessory in the aperture a you don't have.

For body believability imo 30 in hp for the 3% drain is an complete must. Battery will calmly alleviate you for 60% in aoe situations. Accomplished that I've had abundant agitation on attack, cdr, and crit. Cdr is amazing, bombardment, explosive, carelessness power, and altar uptime is way too good, and that can calmly out do the ~10% you get from advance with top cdr.

Early on aberration is best antiquity for addition guns. Afterwards on agitation may out dps it if you accept top crit bulk and damage. (Imagine those 400% crits with the 3% drain from hp for bang-up fights!)

Anyhow, I'll analysis aback afterwards to amend added in abyss if I'm at home.

Looking at CDR makes me admiration what "a chance" of resetting all cooldowns in actuality is. Although would it even be that admired if your CDS are already absolutely low?

I was aswell cerebration that CDR was batty but it's harder to acquisition advice online so I absolutely wasn't abiding (I don't absolutely accept the assets to experiment.)

Heath mine, sky temple, and pit of nightmares. The administration bead age-old abstracts you can ability into abounding pieces that are acclimated to achieve age-old gear.

Speed run adversity 1 is about the best for materials. (I wouldn't reroll the cubes unless you are air-conditioned wealthy). College difficulties admission the adventitious for added cubes, buy MU Legend Zen but from my acceleration runs ~5 mins a run it is faster to just do adversity 1.