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news Nov-22-2016


2016 Black Friday is walking to us! MMOGO ALL PRODUCTS 5% OFF in order to celebrate this great business festival. All buyers who try to purchase any products from MMOGO have chances to enjoy the 5% Discount. The Discount Code is “ BlackFriday “.

MMOGO Black Friday Specials FAQ

1. Is there dollars amount required if I place an order and use the discount code?

No! You're free to use the coupon code though place a lowest order amount on MMOGO.

2. Can I place Multi-orders a day?

Yes! You can place many orders a day only if you have more needs.

3. May I use the Coupon code as well as use MMOGO VIP Discount?

No! You're just allowed to use either of them. When you fill it in the coupon code space, please remember to select the third discount option——(please type your coupon code into the box next to emption code. your coupon will be applied to the total and reflected in your cart.after you click continue).

4. Will the coupon code be still active after Black Friday is over?

No! The Coupon code is only active during Black Friday activity.

5. Will my delivery be delay due to lots of orders in Black Friday?

No! MMOGO prepares Full stock for all products and more guys are added into our team.

6. When will MMOGO Black Friday Promotion be ended?

PST 24:00 AM, Nov. 26, 2016.