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Imagine if today out of nowhere, to account the backward abundant Yankee captain, they absolution an abiding for him. I apperceive that they apparently don't accept his rights, but brainstorm if they just arise him out of the blue. Grown men would cry.

Thurman's abiding stats would be acquaintance in the 110-120 ambit on both abandon because he is 10th all time in batting boilerplate for a catcher, and his ability would be in the mid 80s.

That's in actuality acceptable because he alone hit 113 HRs in his career, and the a lot of he got in a division is 20. Still, all immortals are juiced, so why not this agenda as well.

Thurman would aswell avowal the best arm for a catcher in the bold at 99s for accurateness and throwing power. He would aswell accept 98 or 99 fielding. Thurman's accessory positions would be 1B, LF, and RF. What do you guys think?

Munson played 11 seasons, Carter played 19 and Piazza 16. If you extrapolate his numbers out to according the others PAs he was a bigger hitter (except for HRs) than Carter for sure. Piazza had a bigger BA and would accept hit alert as abounding HRs even if they had the aforementioned bulk of PAs.

Munson aswell won Rookie of the Year and MVP (1976) and was a 7x All Star. In their 1st 11 seasons both Carter and Piazza were 7x All Stars - Piazza was Rookie of the Year. Neither Carter nor Piazza anytime won MVP.

Munson was at atomic as acceptable (if he had lived, apparently better) as Carter and not as acceptable as Piazza.

So no - as abundant as I admired the aboriginal Yankee Captain aback Lou Gehrig, he does not deserve to be an Immortal.

The complete irony/injustice is that Yogi Berra was bigger than all three of them (and Bench) as both a catcher and a hitter.

As a hitter Yogi had bigger numbers in every class than all 3 except Piazza had added HRs. (Bench was abutting but Yogi had a abundant bigger boilerplate -22 credibility — and exhausted him in aggregate except for accepting hardly abaft in doubles and HRs.)

But two stats put Yogi arch and amateur aloft ALL catchers. (Impressive because Yogi was 5'8" - on a acceptable day - Carter 6'2 and Piazza 6'3")

In 1950 (in 597 ABs) Yogi addled out 12 times. 6 times (seasons - atomic 400 ABs) in his career Yogi hit added HRs than he had strike-outs. Alone one added amateur in MLB history - Ted Williams (also 6 times) has anytime done that.

(Basically Judge and Stanton strike-out added in a weekend than Yogi did in 1950.)

But as a catcher NO ONE should even be accustomed to tie Yogi's shoes. (And Gary Sanchez shouldn't be acquiesce to play the aforementioned position for the aforementioned team.)

Yogi Berra bent BOTH amateur of a Doubleheader 145 times in his career.

Carter did it 34 times. Munson 29 times. Johnny Bank 15 times. Mike Piazza did it 1 time.

Yogi was a 15x All Star (Bench 14, Piazza 12, Carter 11, Munson 7)

Yogi a 3x MVP (Bench 2, Munson 1, Piazza/Carter 0)

As for the Column Division - not fair because he was a Yankee. But even then, Yogi is in the top 3 for every World Alternation hitting almanac including 1st in hits and doubles.

And of advance Yogi won 10 rings. (The amateur with the added a lot of - Joe DiMaggio with 7.)

So if SDS did annihilation logically by the numbers, Yogi would accept been the abiding and Piazza and Bank the career arcs.

But you can't accept three Yankee Immortals - can you?