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First things aboriginal - I'm a longtime fan of the series, and overall, I feel like this is a appealing abundant installment. All in the all, the controls (save baserunning) are tight, the animations are beautiful, and there are lots of air-conditioned little moments congenital into the game, at atomic in RTTS.

At this point, I've played a postseason with the Cubs (love how you can just jump into October), and four seasons of RTTS.

After a actor retries, I assuredly came to grips with the actuality that the Cubs has no absorption in drafting a shortstop. Fine. I acclimatized with the Giants, who at atomic accept fun accessory alliance aggregation names (Flying Squirrels! River Cats!).

I'm still not crazy about archetypes, but the collectible accessory is bargain abundant to fit a lot of that. My aboriginal year, I fabricated the AA all brilliant team, got alleged up to AAA, and watched the Giants win the Series.

My HS drillmaster pushed me to accept to the Giants and move to LF, aback I was blocked by Brandon Crawford, but I was stubborn. I like the babble options, even admitting they hardly beggarly annihilation - but it was acceptable if my drillmaster acicular out that I could maybe play so able-bodied as to force the Giants to barter me and I countered with "or maybe I'll force them to barter Brandon Crawford". Heh. Which they did, by the way.

So just afore my actualization at the AAA all brilliant game, I got alleged up to the Show. Nice.

I had some struggles, and they confused me all over the lineup. I accomplished batting .268 in my aboriginal bisected division in the bigs, with both pop and speed. We accomplished just out of the playoffs.

I active a two year accord annual about 900k per year, and kicked myself for not accomplishing a one year accord like the Giants wanted. Durr.

Year two in the Actualization was bigger for me, admitting the Giants were far worse. I hit .289 with 33 homers, led the alliance in triples, baseborn bases, and RBI, accomplished additional in MVP voting, won the argent slugger, (obviously) fabricated the All Brilliant team. The Giants still annoyingly didn't apperceive what to do with me - I hit every atom but additional in the lineup, with no exhausted or reason.

April of year three in the bigs was abhorrent for me; I about hit over .200. May was better, and the Giants traded me to the D'backs for a closer. Ooookaaay? You're in endure place, but you bare an beforehand afterpiece for your ascent brilliant shortstop? Whatever.

Life with the Dbacks was great. I consistently hit leadoff or third. I produced in a big way. I was aboriginal in All brilliant balloting... and then, they traded me to the Nationals for a bag of baseballs.

The Nationals were horrible. They had a brace of acceptable hitters, but traded one (Eric Thames, antecedent year's MVP) not connected afterwards I joined, melancholia a abhorrent hitting ambush to aboriginal in his place. I fabricated the All Brilliant team, got arrive to the Home Run Derby. We accomplished twenty amateur out, in endure place.

I accomplished the year hitting .285, 38 bombs (2nd in league), led the alliance in triples and baseborn bases (had 92!). No MVP votes, somehow accomplished additional in argent slugger, but whatever. Brainless Nats confused me all over the calendar like the Giants did. Loved batting me 5th or 6th. Because that's area you put the 92 abduct guy with 38 homers.

Now was the time for arbitration. I didn't apprehend crazy money aback I was young, but I did bulk on a raise, right? The Nats beneath to action me adjudication and fabricated me a chargeless agent.

Because a rebuilding aggregation is traveling to let a additional apostle with batty acceleration and abundant pop, a guy who has spent both of his abounding time seasons in the MVP consideration, a adolescent guy who you could lock up to a long, bargain contract... just walk away.

Come on. But hey, I capital to be on a acceptable team, so I waited for the chargeless abettor offers to cascade in.

5 years, 5 actor from the Giants.

5 years, 4.5 actor from the Dejected Jays.

Three others in the aforementioned range. I assuredly adjourned with the Astros, aback they are at atomic good. They capital to do a hair over 5 million, 5 years.

I'm a 22 year old chargeless abettor with numbers that are exceptional of, arena a exceptional arresting position, and 1 mil per year is all I can get? The agreement awning tells me the Astros accept a little over 48 mil to spend, and I'm worth... ONE??

I ample I'd do a one year accord for 5 mil stubs MLB the show 19, afresh hit the bazaar again. Hahahahahaha... I fially formed out a 3 year deal, a little over 1 mil per, with an effing club option.

In complete life, a guy with my abilities (I'm an 89 all-embracing now), would get ten mil in his sleep. Accession brace years of accomplishing it, a 20 mil accord would get done somewhere. For God's sake, 3rd outfielders get 10-15 mil deals! One mil is what the 20th-25th guys on the agenda accomplish for.

So... The AI is just stupid. Also, it's brainless that you accept to delay for offers to appear in. Why accept an abettor if you can't collaborate with him? If you're a chargeless agent, why can you not at atomic assay the amnion with clubs? The Cubs could have traded Russell and active me for less. I'm better, they'd save banknote and get a acceptable bullpen or something in return. But that's not even a babble you can have, and that seems silly.

Not as asinine as what teams accept done with me, not as asinine as the calumniating arrangement offers, but still silly. C'mon, SDS. You put in so abundant to this game... how harder would it be to put reasonable argumentation in here?