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Aug-09-2018 Categories: news

I just got into Diamond Dynasty this year and my aggregation looks like this so far:

50k stubs to spend

# Lineup:

C: 93 Yadi Molina

1B: 97 Frank Thomas

2B: 86 Brian Dozier

3B: 86 Kris Bryant (Locked)

SS: 83 Ian Desmond

LF: 86 Nelson Cruz

CF: 87 Victor Robles

RF: 93 Matt Kemp

# Bench:

84 Jim Edmonds

76 coinsy Hamilton

87 Luis Gonzales

81 Miguel Montero

81 Trea Turner

# Rotation:

86 Severino

85 Gerrit Cole

85 Cole Hamels

85 Anibal Sanchez

85 Orel Hershiser

# Bullpen:

86 Jake McGee

83 Nolan Ryan

83 Josh Hader

84 Roberto Osuna

82 Darren O'Day

88 Bruce Sutter

87 Chapman

I charge a ambush bad so I adeptness wanna do the 87 Torres program, even tho I accept 0 stats with AL shortstops. I am actual abutting to Duke Snider Career Arc so he should go in for Robles. I am cerebration about cat-and-mouse to buy Machado (get more MLB The Show 19 Stubs) but I aswell charge added lefty bats.