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Jun-08-2018 Categories: news

A few days back I posted my "final form" catcher. Unknowingly that power went over 99 on CAP. I now am in TRUE FINAL FORM as far as POWER goes. I still need the diamond arm sleeve and the Aaron Judge socks but that won't effect much.

I'll provide all the equipment I'm using shortly.

Camo - Camo Sam bat 2K2 Maple - bat

Diamond - Louisville Slugger LS Prime - batting gloves

Diamond - Rawlings gold glove - fielding glove

Diamond - Nike air Griffey metal - cleats

Diamond - All-Star MVP 2500 - catcher mask

Diamond - Wilson pro stock - chest protector

Camo - All-Star Camo LG30WPRO - leg guards

Diamond - Evoshield elbow guard - elbow guard

Diamond - Franklin Shok-Sorb - shin guard

Mother's Day - evoshield Mother's Day wrist guard - wrist guard (could improve)

Gold - Nike Pro Vapor Forearm Slider - Compression Sleeve (could improve)

Diamond - Lizard Skins DSP Bat Grip - Bat tape

Diamond - Nike Hyperforce Elite - sunglasses

Gold - Stance The Show - socks (could improve)

Diamond - Varo COR Weight - Ritual

Power, Power on CAP tree.

Made my CAP a catcher as well. Was feeling regret for not making him a SS. But this final form and my 85 diamond already rakes makes me feel other wise, and buy cheap mlb the show 18 stubs here so fast.