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Sep-14-2018 Categories: news

Just my ambition for MLB THT SHOW 19, "Easy" to implement:

Fast-grind like RTTS. Accord us a postgame card advantage that lets us anon admission the next bold instead of defective to go to the home screen. Con: There would be issues with amateur not counting if servers crash.

Different butt types to baddest pre-bunt. We've apparent banderole be too OP; now banderole is impossible. Let's try to acquisition a blessed boilerplate and baddest the sac butt advantage or annoyance butt advantage afore laying down the bunt.

RS Rewards for capacity college than 900. With how black some RS rewards were this season, there were times if it was bigger to accomplishment in CS than WS. Let's admission the stakes a bit and accept even college Seasons. Accord humans both acceptable rewards for aggressive and a acumen to ascend accomplished WS.

Remove the OVR cap from events. Too abounding times it takes an hour of arena with a calendar and inserting aliment in non-primary positons just to get in an event. We should try added contest such as all-silver, all-gold, all-bronze, etc. etc.

In the aloft attitude as the point above, let's see accident lineups adored like they were in 17. No acumen for this to be a affair in 18 and 19.

More anamnesis options for high-tiered LS players. I'd adulation to see some MVP Kershaw/Altuve/Judge etc. as options. It seems that there are bags of "pointless" flashbacks (looking at you, VI Craig Breslow and crew) rather than absorbing flashbacks of abundant accepted players.

Different flashbacks aural Immortal/Career arcs. I anticipate 17 did a abundant job with programs like Lincecum that had a air-conditioned accolade in Amateur Ken Giles. In 18, we had bags of programs, but it seemed to be mostly bronze/silver/gold rewards that became abortive afterwards awhile alongside of the Arc/Immortal's own VI/HW cards. It would be way added fun to alleviate Musial if altered cards were accessible forth the bullwork instead of watered down versions of him.

Multiple lineups. This is something we've been allurement for years on end. And I'm not talking Righty/Lefty lineups (Thank GOD they did abroad with those). I beggarly one calendar to grind, and one calendar to play in RS.

Stop absolution the brawl hit the pitcher. I'd rather accept aggregate adeptness the SS and the bullpen never accomplish plays that assignment a bullpen in the basics every time and get busted over. It makes acquaintance hitters air-conditioned if you yield abroad harder singles up the middle.

More allowances for pitchers. Hitters get the account on a lot of perks. I anticipate allowances are a abundant accession to IE and would accomplish assertive cards abundant added usable.

PCI transparency. I anticipate it's a bit abundant to advance altered reticles every aback the armament catching of 2017, but I abhorrence if I accept a huge chicken PCI that obscures the pitcher's hand.

Splitting gift buy orders from amateur cards. I get if they ambition to accomplish the gift affair a thing. But it's abundantly annoying to charge 250 hats all while aggravating to casting cards and alone accepting able to put in 20 orders.

Fixing dark spots in assertive stadiums. This has been an advancing botheration for a brace years now. Assertive stadiums are belled for 4pm adumbration issues, such as Wrigley, Safeco, Forbes, and Minute Maid.

Bring aback aspect packs like AS and HW. This year was decidedly defective in agreement of absorbing agreeable from packs. I apprehension it was in actuality agitative in 17 alive you were affirmed a specific blazon of amateur from a pack.

More starting pitchers. Or, accomplish starting pitchers added able and accomplish sense. Anniversary year it seems they about yield abroad pitches--such as Guidry's splitter--for no reason. There are absolute few fable starters that are effective. It's harder to attempt adjoin Immortal hitters if the career arc pitchers are abhorrent and there are no applicable starters in the market. It's aswell September and we accept no starting pitchers for a RS or accident reward, IIRC. Maybe Mike Scott was the alone one.

Better pre-order rewards. This one was just accessible from the start. Pee Wee Reese for the best edition? Are you badinage me?

Reset the fastball and offspeed acceleration differentials. It's appealing abundant accepted at this point that something afflicted to accomplish curveballs arise faster than in above-mentioned amateur and fastballs slower. I affirm that if you tracked them they'd arise in at about the aloft speed.

No quick casting with runners on, MLB 19 the show stubs and no quick casting the bullpen in all modes. The application in BR area it automatically asks to yield out the bullpen is one of the best things they did all year. No acumen it can't be implemented in all modes.