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Aug-05-2018 Categories: news

All throughout endure years bold this complete sub was abounding with humans freaking out about Pepe. All of a abrupt with the addition of the immortals, no one seems to accept a complete affair with it.

Here's my affair with this year and the immortals: Why even accompany added cards? Isn't that what DD is all about? Application Live alternation and anamnesis cards and accepting acceptable about-face throughout the bold is what makes the bold so fun.

I've fabricated the World Alternation in a lot of of the seasons so far and I can say that as of adapted now (August 2nd), every aggregation is the exact same. So whether or not the hitting works (it doesn't), the bold needs added about-face and for humans to

actually anticipate about how one amateur allowances their aggregation added than the other.

Do not wish to arise beyond as complaining, but it is in actuality something I anticipate they should abode for next year. The new calibration goes to 125, accordingly 125 is the max. And Pepe was maxed out in every category. That's my point. No abiding has 125s in every attribute.

The new calibration was created accurately for the immortals dude. How abounding Live alternation players accept over 100 stats? The aberration amid the Ken Griffey abiding and LS Mike Trout is bigger than the aberration amid Pepe and Trout. Pepe and Immortals should not be in DD aggressive play.

OP asked a simple catechism and I provided a simple answer. Your abortion to base this is astonishing. The bold will accept OP cards. Accord with it. And I'd like to admonish you that a freaking LS brownish agenda is still the best hitter in the game (with 100+ power, BTW).

And I declared the facts that you bootless to calmly acknowledgment in adjustment to abutment your "simple"(minded) point that wasn't even pertinent to the question. Cipher is talking about OP cards... do you see "OP cards" mentioned anywhere on this thread?

Talk about a abortion to base things. Let me advice you out here... again, the catechism is how are Immortals any altered from Pepe? A simple question, yes, but simple questions don't consistently accreditation a simple answer. It appears that you're not able to appreciate this, about some of us do accept the accommodation to present and altercate the added circuitous ancillary of things. If this bothers you afresh conceivably it's time you go blow on your appearance books.

They're added astute than Pepe for the a lot of part. Basically for all the immortals you could bead some aggregate of contact/power vs adapted or left, and a little bit from fielding and baserunning and you'd accept a appealing abutting representation to their best season

I don't disagree about them closing off calendar assortment through the blow of the year though. As you said, at college RS levels adapted now appealing abundant every aggregation is appealing agnate and you're casting to 4+ immortals.

My calendar is essentially absurd to advance upon, so there wouldn't be a lot of array to it from actuality on out. I charge to accomplishment the abiding SP programs and buy Tiant and thats appealing abundant it.

There's apparently a fuckin baller 2015 Harper MVP agenda still advancing that will be a 98 or so, but in actuality would there be abundant point in paying out the adenoids for him to bandy in over my 99 Musial?

Aside from the assortment thing, accepting players accomplish hardly abnormally besides their ratings would help. The LS amateur quirks are great, and I anticipate the bold would account from allotment those to added cards as able-bodied (and conceivably finding some for pitchers too).

You may say that makes LS players obsolete, but thats already accurate at the top end of players if even the complete Mike Trout can't in actuality assemblage up and we're alone at the alpha of August (and for those that haven't grinded/paid for godly lineups, those top end design LS are still complete acceptable cards). Trusting SDS to accomplish players feel altered seems perilous though.

Last year we had exhausted types bulk so abundant that Ken fucking Griffey was about abstract while Corey Seager was a based god. Yeah the array was nice but at the aforementioned time my 99 Griffey shoudn't be a plug, buy MLB 18 Stubs so accepting exhausted types or launch angles implemented is a alarming anticipation as its one added affair to fuck up and SDS already can't get hitting sorted out (seriously it shouldn't be THIS harder to accomplish acquaintance hitters viable, or admit that its torn because ability is ALL that matters).