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Mar-15-2019 Categories: news

They accept a lot of legends that would be fun to play.

Satchel Paige (Pitcher) I bethink he use to be in beforehand The Appearance games. Threw a 100 with a air-conditioned motion and a Knuckle ball. Would be a top 3 bullpen in the game.

Oscar Charleston (CF/1B): he could do it all. Basically Mays of the Negro Leagues. They could accomplish him Mike Trout like.

Josh Gibson (Catcher): "I played with Willie Mays and adjoin Hank Aaron. They were amazing players, but they were no Josh Gibson." -- Hall of Famer Monte Irvin.

Probably my admired option. He would be the catcher agnate of Babe Ruth with Johnny Bench defense. Allegedly top 3 abecedarian in Diamond Dynasty. They could go a little crazy with the attributes if they wanted.

Cool Papa Bell (CF): Would be a Billy Hamilton with 80+ contact.

John Henry Lloyd (SS): advised to be the Black. Honus Wagner.

Buck Leonard (1B): a 5'11 Jeff Bagwell with Gold Glove defense, a lefty as well.

How harder would be to the their rights?

Just would be air-conditioned to accept added aristocratic options at the top to accept from.

My CAP will be a catcher Josh Gibson.

Maybe, Next year we will accept Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson on the cover. They are audience of Luminary Group which aswell has Babe Ruth, Cy Young, and Walter Johnson. Assuming SDS has something formed out with them, they should accept the rights to all the players on that list, acceptation they already accept the rights to Paige and Gibson.

As for accepting them on the cover of MLB 19 the show stubs, I anticipate that would be a huge affairs point. A majority of admirers will apperceive about the Negro Leagues and your added accidental baseball admirers will be alien to some of the best players to accept anytime played the game.

These guys deserve the recognition.