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​MLB 19 - Road to the Appearance Reliever question

news May-12-2019

​MLB 19 - Road to the Appearance Reliever question

Okay, so, my guy is a starter, but in the abode (his green year in the Majors) and his all-embracing is 70.

He's above expectations, the show 19 stubs buying and he's got beneath 1.0 ERA and over 100-something strikeouts, and it's the All-Star break.

I'm alone announcement those to appearance how bound his stats should be rising.

I've done all the workouts, and done them consecutively as generally as I can (I never do the 'Clubhouse/Rivalry' option) and it's in actuality the All-Star break, and his all-embracing has YET to go up even by one.

I'm in actuality arch the All-Star vote as a god-damn Starter, yet I'm in the bullpen. Do Relievers overalls just go up apathetic as Hell? I did a akin 4 casting routine, and I got NO net assets from it.

I don't apperceive if it's awry or if that's the way relievers work. I've done affluence of RttS modes as position players, and this is my aboriginal pitcher.

I in actuality don't get it, but it's acid - I'd like to alpha accepting my all-embracing up and get a atom in the abuse rotation, aback I'm in actuality not giving up added than maybe one run every few moons.

I should apparently aswell acknowledgment his all-embracing and attributes were traveling up complete frequently in his aboriginal year in the minors. He got alleged up to the majors in the centermost point for the 40-man at the AA All-Star break.

He was in the starting rotation, and went 18-1, afresh got relegated to abode duties. That was the aboriginal year in RttS, now it's the green one.