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​MLB 19 - Let's Allocution Babe Ruth HR Moments

news Apr-16-2019

​MLB 19 - Let's Allocution Babe Ruth HR Moments

So alot of allocution actuality about moments and hitting HR moments is surrounding bang abundance accepting amusing and how you just don't anytime assume to get cool harder acquaintance and SDS has hidden sliders angry on but I accept to ask, how abounding of yall have looked at the stats of the opposing pitchers in the Babe Ruth HR moments (specifically the 2 HR in 3 amateur and afresh the Gehrig and Ruth 4 HR moments)?

You'll apprehension something in fact interesting. You will be adverse brownish pitchers with doubtable hitting stats but for some odd acumen they'll aswell accept over 90 HR/9. Hell there is one accepted analgesic (rated beneath 50 I believe) who has fuck all for stats but he does accept 99 HR/9.

I don't anticipate SDS in fact tinkered with centralized sliders rather they bashed the anytime admiring hell out of HR/9 on debris pitchers and it's why the moments feel fucky. You accept these guys throwing bendable casting clutter assurance if you accept a moon sized PCI and all your fly assurance are dying because of the HR/9 stat. It's abhorrent bogus difficulty.

Whatever they're doing, whether it's accession up the casting stats, nerfing your hitting or adjusting sliders abaft the scenes. Whatever it is, it's creating a arresting acquaintance for the player.

This was the big change they touted. "No added accepting to bullwork for stats to advance in this game. Actuality are these moments you accept to complete to acquire cards/XP/stubs instead."

Great! At first, I don't anticipate anyone was accusatory that we no best had to get a antic bulk of holds to advance assertive missions. Now we'd be alone appropriate into a assertive moment in baseball history that we'd get to replay.

How fun is that? It's what we wanted!

It didn't yield continued for humans to apprehension that something fucky was traveling on in these moments. For me, it all started on Willie Mays' 600th HR mission. It took me three hours to hit one HR. I chalked it up to a aggregate of bad luck and ~50 something adeptness from that card.

What put me over the top as to something accepting way off was Babe Ruth's alleged shot. Now this mission they accord you the monster Ruth to hitwith. Adeptness out the wazoo. This should be a airing in the park. Nope. I exhausted this mission on an inside the esplanade HR..... Allocution about not fun.

So, actuality we accept something traveling on that MLB 19 the show stubs makes you feel like you're hitting with a basin brainstorm for a bat. Able-bodied that just ups the adversity appropriate there. Then, SDS just adds added adversity by authoritative situations aural the moments random.

I'm talking accurately about the missions that crave RBIs.

There are assertive missions for Harper that are abuse abreast absurd because cipher is anytime on abject for him to beating in! It's just in fact random. How is that a moment? I apprehend to be alone into a point in history and accept it be the exact aforementioned every time I try the mission.

Right now, the moments rewards are appealing bad, but as the year goes on and eventually there's a in fact acceptable agenda as one of the rewards, the association is traveling to go nuclear about this. I achievement it gets anchored afore that happens.