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May-18-2019 Categories: news

Ken Griffey Was already My appropriate fielder, he was the aboriginal acceptable agenda I got and he in actuality grew on me he hit the brawl all about the backyard and was bland as moose with a lisp and an s in foreground of it.

But afresh I was alien to the abundant Stan the man Musial ,now Stan he's a simple guy you angle to him and he bloops it over the added basemen and does that dejected run that looks like a bedevilled adjournment toy soldier.

But I couldn't yield Sr out of the lineup.

Because his acquaintance stats are college than Tim Lincecum.

So I move him to centermost and what do you know, the guys a accustomed alignment to band drives from Colorado To Louisiana and snagging them up clean.

But afresh my ego kicked in. This was my downfall.

I advised my options but annihilation came of it. So I alpha browsing reddit and see some guy alleged something banal accomplish a cavalcade adage how it was it was so brainless how the Sony accessory were in the bold and what not.

So me accepting the adventuresome body I am yield a attending at those moments and see him there.

The awning athlete.JR(sorry Carl Edwards)number 24 Ken Griffey Jr.

And so I'm like ok this should be a bang and I bullwork the clamp moments and bang he's mine.

A beatiful agleam architecture card.

Then my eyes bound to lower larboard of the page,my brows furrow,my jaw drops and lo and behold: Jr is in actuality not even bigger than sr.

Sr is faster,better acquaintance hitter, and abuse it you advance a accord with your day one club guys.

So now Sr watches from the bench, MLB 19 Stubs in all his 120 acquaintance celebrity as his son swings and misses.

But Jr senses the affectionate burden and puts on a appearance hitting homers into appropriate (I beggarly in actuality not THAT absorbing because I play at yankee stadium.)

Anyway fuck it here's the #TLDR: ken Griffey sr adeptness be bigger than inferior But my ego needs the architecture in there.