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Jun-05-2019 Categories: news

Since CAP isn't traveling abroad any time soon, can we convention even added restraints in 2020?

I adulation the paths you accept to aces this year for CAPs! Let's add even added paths to cover even added actualization that shouldn't be accustomed abroad to anyone.

1, About-face Hitter: You can aces speed, power, counterbalanced or about-face hitter. About-face hitters would accept hardly lower attributes than balanced.

2, Leftys: 1B & OF can be larboard or adapted handed hitters. C, 2B, 3B & SS accept to be righties.

3, Versatility: aces 2 advancement positions. 1B can play 3B & a bend OF. 2B, SS & 3B can all interchange. All OF can play all OF. Catcher can abandoned play 1B or 3B, your choice.

4, Hitting tendency: spray, cull or advance hitter.

5, Height: bind acme from 5'10 to 6'6

6, Crave changes to all CAP features, including names and appearance, for anniversary position.

7, Achieve the bullwork alot best and/or harder. I had an 82OVR on day 1 afterwards arena a individual game. Add all gold accessories and he played like a 90.

8, Achieve accessories beneath able or added attenuate to access pricing. It's way too simple to add 5-8 all-embracing credibility to a CAP in 19.

I ambition there were no CAPs to actuate with MLB 19 Stubs, so abacus these restrictions would achieve it alot added enjoyable, if this affection is something we accept to reside with.