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Mar-12-2019 Categories: news

I fabricated a somewhat arguable column bygone apropos the DD community. Here's a suggestion.

Can both abandon not just get along? I'm a authorization amateur and carefully play that mode. Does DD blot in my opinion? Nope. I can calmly see why it's fun and addicting. Accept it or not Authorization is the aforementioned way.

Humans adulation that approach as well.

As a authorization amateur I see annihilation amiss with abacus to DD. I apperceive bags of humans play it and it deserves new features. I will never accuse that DD gets updates and appearance because that fan abject deserves it.

However it would be abundant if we could get the aforementioned abutment from the DD community. At the end of the day we all adulation baseball and we all adulation video games. We're a association and should wish the best for anniversary other.

Somewhere down the band this became a DD vs Authorization altercation if it should be The association vs SDS. I apperceive this is a continued beforehand but we should in actuality accede acceptable a aggregation instead of dividing.

Just my 2 cents.

Is this a DD vs. Authorization beef though? I anticipate the majority of players all-embracing apprehend that SDS isn't traveling to do abundant with Authorization because it doesn't accomplish as abundant money as DD.

I see added beef amid money spent and no money spent people. I've been about these locations for a few years and the vibe I get is that a lot of humans wish improvements in all bold modes but we apprehend it isn't traveling to happen.

The capital affair is us arguing with anniversary added about SDS not absolution the baseball bold we all apperceive is possible. You wanna play Franchise? Go for it - it's how I played this bold for years. You wish to absorb money on stubs? Go for it - it's not for me but humans can do whatever they wish with their money.

The bigger beef is NMS players who apperceive it's the money spent players propping up a bold that is assuming 1 year of development every 3 years. Millions of $$ advancing in from affected cards anniversary year and woooo boy we got some QOL improvements that this sub has been allurement for for years. I accept apparent annihilation so far adage that this bold is traveling to play any bigger than endure year.

I am down for anyone accepting a acceptable time with this bold in any way they wish but a lot of humans apprehend that their wants are absolutely that - THEIR wants. I play DD so I don't in actuality accord a bits about franchise. Lots of Authorization players don't accord a bits about DD.

What we allegation to do is stop bitching to/at/about anniversary added and apprehend that all of these problems "we" accept are because SDS (just like every added fucking sports series) has advisedly bantam bold development while block $$.

Now I apperceive anyone is traveling to bell in and say I'm not a bold developer, I don't apperceive about coding, banausic banausic blah, but we are missing elements in a baseball bold that were accessible in 2005. This bold is authoritative exponentially added money every year but "SDS is a baby aggregation that can't focus on everything".

I accede with the Rodney Baron affect but I in actuality don't anticipate this DD vs. Franchise/RTTS bits that has taken the sub over for the endure few canicule is that pronounced. Annihilation will change until we stop affairs MLB 19 Stubs, or the bold itself, but that just isn't traveling to happen.