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Mar-13-2019 Categories: news

Hi All,

I am in acute allegation of some assistance. I accept about completed the March program, which would of beforehand accolade me a affirmed Finest player.

I've able aggregate I can, The Show 19 Stubs except for attaining three holds with a Accouterments pitcher.

The abandoned Accouterments relievers and closers that are accessible on the bazaar are able-bodied out of my bulk ambit in agreement of stubs, and my abandoned Accouterments bullpen is an 82 all-embracing Bartolo Colon.

I approved to be creative, and anticipation it would work, but allegedly not so.

I absitively to play a Conquest bold in an beforehand to get a ascendancy with Colon. I went up 2-0 afterwards one inning, and afresh in the top of the 2nd I pinch-hit Colon in abode of my starting pitcher.

This affected him to appear in for the basal of the second, in what I affected would be a ascendancy situation.

He completed the complete added inning - recording 4 strikeouts in actuality - and I did my job by banderole through my at-bats in the top of the third.

I brought in a afterpiece to set down the basal of the third in adjustment and win the game. My afterpiece was awarded a save, but Colon wasn't awarded a hold.

Does anyone in this association apperceive what I did amiss in this situation?

I feel like Colon should accept been awarded a ascendancy for his role in the game, and if I'm not able to almanac holds with starting pitchers by pinch-hitting them into ascendancy situations afresh I will not be able to complete the March program, which looks to be the endure way to admission Finest players on MLB 18 and I accept to resort to bottomward 15k in stubs on Finest packs in hopes of accepting one.

Any advice for this botheration would be SUPER helpful, even if it's just absolution me apperceive I'm SOL so I can stop aggravating and focus my absorption elsewhere.