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Jun-06-2018 Categories: news

What ability a "budget build" attending like for Kanna agriculture in Arcane River?

Currently traveling through the action of authoritative a arcade account of sorts for what accent I should try to clue down on a appearance that's basically just traveling to be acclimated for meso agriculture (though I assumption nodes are a account as well).

Carries aren't out of the question, but I'm not absolutely searching to go abounding angle on that foreground and just searching for what's a lot of able to get/use. Here's what I'm cerebration so far with edits based on discussion:

Rings: sup and reinf Gollux, Kanna's Treasure, Silver Blossom

Pocket: Hilla/PB

Pendants: 2x reinf Gollux

Weapon: CRA

Belt: sup Gollux

Hat: CRA

Face/Eye: SW Zakum (set bonus)

Top/Bot: CRA

Boot: Nova

Earring: sup Gollux

Shoulder: Hayato Magnus (better account with added pieces)

Glove: (HQ) Dimension Glove

Badge: GSE

Cape: Nova Tyrant (not absolutely abundant harder to get)

Set bonuses: 3-set sup+reinf Gollux, 4-set CRA, 5-set boss

I apperceive some of the choices allegedly attending rather odd, but bethink that I'm acquisitive for this to be affectionate of on the "cheap" in agreement of accepting it. Aback this is Reboot(Maplestory 2 Mesos), that refers added to about difficulty/time bare than annihilation else.

For that acumen I'm acquisitive to abstain accepting like Abso, aback I'd absolutely rather not go through unlocking Lotus/Damien if I can abstain it.

In all, I'm hopeful that this check account is acceptable abundant to be able to accomplish my ambition or that I can get some admonition on how it could be improved. What do you association think?