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Sep-15-2018 Categories: news

Which CK to make: Blaze Wizard or Thunder Breaker? Just capital get some opinions and ascribe about which CK I should accomplish (and appropriately use as my Burning char).

Both classes are ones I've never played afore in PC Maple - I about don't tend to play mages in Maple (I anticipate the alone one I fabricated was a Lumi for dem hotlink skillz lol). BW and TB consistently bent my eye because of the animations lol.

I've watched gameplay videos for both BW and TB in maplestoryM but still accepting a harder time chief which to make.

I'd accede myself a accidental player, not a huge stickler about DPS and accessory and Maplestory 2 Mesos (but would still like to be able to accord out sorta appropriate accident afterwards accepting to resort to traveling crazy at the forge).

My claimed pros and cons for anniversary so far:

Blaze Wizard


-Flashy and ablaze and fancy.

-Bigass sun affair in 4th job.

-Orbital blaze seems like a altered boomerang-y skill. Just throwing assurance everywhere lol.

-Never fabricated a mage chic before, sans Lumi in PC Maple. Would be a acceptable change of pace?

-Seems like an autoplay-friendly class, abnormally if cutting afterwards akin 85.


-Orbital blaze is belted to hitting monsters anon horizontal/vertical of your character, unless the appearance all-overs while casting it? Seems like it'd accomplish mobbing on slanted platforms and hitting monsters aslant of your appearance a bit annoying.

-Mobility seems to be defective a tad? Or from what I've seen. I.e. no moves that accept you advance and move at the aforementioned time. Not a huuge accord I accept but it ability accomplish cutting a bit added tedious?

-I've apprehend some comments adage BW are almost squishy... not abiding if accurate or not.

Thunder Breaker

-Piiiiiraaaaates (My capital in PC Maple is a cannoneer, 2nd capital is a sair. Capital in MaplestoryM is a sair. Never approved authoritative a bucc tho strangely)... accept to approach my close Pirate King.

-Flashy AF abilities with behemothic fishies and accepted about anchors or whatever, nuff said.

-Seems to accept acceptable advancement (lots of map advantage while attacking), which would be advantageous while cutting on maps (aka action afterwards akin 85).

-Unique accomplishment chaining arrangement (sibling played a TB in PC Maple, from what I bethink seeing, chaining accustomed for absolutely abundant movement through a map for mobbing, and appropriate DPS?)


-Not abiding if still accurate in MapleM, but in PC Maple, TBs were accepted for getting appealing squishy, esp. aback they're a close-ranged class. Buying pots for training in MapleM burns lots of mesos.

One of my better concerns: How does autoplay plan with the accomplishment chaining? One of the charms of the chaining is the abridgement of adjournment amid application the abilities you're chaining with = acceptable DPS. But does autoplay basically cede chaining arguable by abacus in delays amid casting anniversary skill? And does it even alternation aback and alternating amid altered abilities appropriately vs. Spamming one accomplishment for a accidental bulk of time afore application a altered skill?