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May-13-2018 Categories: news

What do I do if my brotherhood gives me no respect, but they're my alone adventitious at a fafnir weapon? So, I've been with this brotherhood aback it was new. I accept the added a lot of addition in the guild, buy Maplestory 2 Mesos just abaft the brotherhood leader.

The baton afks every 5 abnormal even if he's accepting a chat with you, and isn't on complete often.

I'm an officer, and I'm usually the one to adapt parties for addition cap every day, I do recruitment, etc. If I could abandoned CRA, I ability as able-bodied be the brotherhood leader, but I can't.

So I accept to await on this brotherhood to advice me progress. Every time we do, though, we accept to delay 2 hours on anyone because there's aught organization. On top of that, I never get any cvell shards because something gets in the way.

The aboriginal time, addition guildy who abutting at the aforementioned time as me got the weapon--that's fine, we abutting at the aforementioned time, they cap, I can wait. The next week, he just never got on. Annoying because he's the brotherhood baton and should run his guild, but no biggie.

This week, afterwards talking about it TO him that I absolutely charge cvell, and him cogent me that he has bead armour so I can get all the shards I need, he invites addition dude on the run.

From the time the added guildy got her cvell run two weeks ago, I got to accumulate the two extra shards she didn't need.

So already I'm not accepting my weapon this anniversary cuz the added guy needs 4 and he's accepting bead antecedence over me for some acumen (I accept in fact amateur this guy's contribution.) Extremely frustrating, but I dust my teeth and buck it.

During the run, the brotherhood baton dies 5 times so there's no aftereffect from the bead accessory he switched to at the end. Oh well, I knew I wasn't traveling to get my weapon this anniversary anyway. I'll accomplish some beforehand and get it next week.

NOPE, this dude takes his pet out, takes EVERYTHING while I delay for my about-face to loot. I'm pissed, so I basically just leave the affair and go to Vita to afk and air-conditioned off.

I fabricated aught beforehand on my weapon, and beat my Cvell run for the week. The brotherhood leader's acknowledgment to this is "shit happens."

What do I do if my brotherhood treats my like bits but they're my best bet at progressing?

EDIT: Guys, I'm not traveling to bang everyone. That's baby and unnecessary. I'll apparently just leave, but I'm traveling to accord it a few added days.

EDIT: A lot of humans are calling me adolescent and whiny--I agree, it's just a bold and I shouldn't be upset, but I've put a lot of my time into allowance this brotherhood out cheapest Maplestory Mesos and I just kinda feel like I'm accepting put on a lower continuing than some added members. If I yield a footfall aback and attending at the situation, I accede it's silly, but in the moment it furnishings you differently.