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Aug-09-2018 Categories: news

I'm advancing aback from a 5-6 year hiatus, and am affectionate of lost. What are some of the aloft changes that I've missed? I see that I accept 339 bare "hyper carbon points" and I accept some ballsy ability. The endure affair I bethink from arena afore is that Xenon(?) had just appear out.

Additionally, my capital is a akin 200 bifold brand in Broa (USA). Accepted stats: 155k-172k unboosted abject damage...

213% luck

95% bang-up damage

30% abstain def

Decent Action Order

I adeptness accept a accessory hat about that aswell has appropriate abstruse door. I had a appropriate aggressive physique nebulite, but it seems like all nebs are gone...

When I played 6 years ago, these equips were solid, acceptance me to abandoned empress bang-up minions. However, do they still angle up? Are bifold blades even acceptable still?

I'm aswell not abiding what I should be doing. What are some of the new agreeable I should be exploring? Should I be absorption on leveling to 250? Bossing?

Finally, is abiding aggressive teleport bedrock not accessible anymore? I accept one on my bifold brand but if I capital to alpha a new character, I'd like to be able to move about freely.

To apperceive if it still stands up just try out some content.

Regarding advancing back, the aloft things you should apperceive is this:

- Advance to 5th job by accomplishing the Temple of Time questline, afterwards which your 5th job questline starts.

- Reboot is a adolescent server that replaces the charge for banknote with the charge for mesos. Aswell tp rocks are awash in banknote boutique for 5-25m. (As in, you accept to accept a Kanna which has an adeptness that increases monster spawn rate).

- Perm aggressive tp bedrock aren't available, so you accept to delay for a cash-transfer accident sadly.

- Aggressive abilities are abilities that cover acquiescent buffs to abilities you have, and added abilities that acclaim your job.

- Aggressive stats are added stats you can put credibility into, admitting I assumption you ample that out if you saw that.

- If you wish to re-learn the game, starting a new appearance adeptness be acceptable for you but basal band is: 5th job, attending for accessory progression guides to see breadth you stand, accompany a brotherhood and ask questions about Maplestory M Mesos for sale, and try not to advertise your body to nexon.