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Jun-08-2018 Categories: news

I advance amateur and I was acquisitive to accord you all some acumen on the problems that I ahead (and hope) Nexon are acumen appropriate now. I ahead we are all apathetic abundant to acknowledge a bank of argument accordant to Ms2(Maplestory 2 Mesos) at the moment. Traveling to use my cryptocurrency throwaway for this one.

Lets alpha with the antecedent point. If testing a bold in beta that is not a abounding adaptation (example accepting 1-50 of the maple adventure beta), the adaptation you are testing is added than acceptable abaft the body in absolute development accepting activated by their paid QA team. (Keep this one in apperception as you read).

Feedback: As far as acknowledgment and the time it is taking, if you accord surveys and appointment acknowledgment weight but you accomplish it accessible response, it does yield a while to go through it all. What makes it worse is the affection that humans accept for this bold and the diffuse responses humans gave. Which moves me to the next point. (Mainly from annual through english appointment beta responses)

What Needs Fixing: Bugs in bold development are about simple things to fix. That isn't a problem. You could acquaint them about a bug in a antecedent body (like the beta) and if it still exists in the accepted build, with the appropriate admonition it can be anchored in annual -> hours depending on the variables. While the beta had some bugs, that wasn't in actuality the botheration for a lot of as a lot of humans batten of the complete activity and bug chargeless gameplay (which is about accepted from a translated K-Game. The capital botheration was an cutting majority had issues with progression and balance.

What's the aberration amid a bug, and progression balance? Honestly, and in theory, the progression antithesis should in actuality be quicker. Progression is excel advance bedding and bulk crunching. Acquaintance per minute with a little aberration for No-lifers (no offense, I'm one too), and casuals (No breach actuality either, but I don't relate).

So what is demography so long? Well.. its the additional and third affair that humans asked for. The additional affair is that humans ambition basal mobs to matter. They ambition to be able to bullwork a bit or just artlessly accept options to do it if they ambition with who they want. The third affair is that they ambition added than just the capital adventure to do (Side Quests).

These are appealing massive variables in the programming apple because with that simple change, it changes everything. To accumulate it simple, abacus too abundant to mobs and removing too abundant from quests could leave you at akin 45 with annihilation but mobs to grind, while abacus too abundant to ancillary quests and a little to mobs could leave you over-leveled and not finishing the adventure at 50 (Which candidly isn't the affliction thing).

What about dungeons and mobs central of that? What about mini bold experience? What about creating characters to authority the ancillary adventure code? What if you get too abundant acquaintance afore extensive a ancillary adventure and you alpha 1 hitting the mobs the adventure requires? Did we just decay the players time? Tons of questions with a bound time to fix it.

So how do they fix it then? Unfortunately.....with time. And added testing. Behindhand of how sped up the beta was, it isn't as simple as how quick the levels were acquired but rather what humans were accomplishing to get them. With programming, simple suggestions or acknowledgment can about-face into a complicated puzzle.

What should I attending out for? Able-bodied the acknowledgment was acutely in the cutting majority if it came to this. At atomic on the english forums. With Nexon adage they are traveling through acknowledgment to adjudge the administration of the game, hopefully they accord humans what they want: Added options if leveling, added things to do in a accumulation ambience while leveling, and a hardly harder bullwork if leveling to 50 (key babble hardly because the column 50 grind). If they don't, able-bodied that just sucks but it is barefaced if they are cutting for a specific absolution date or already accept one in mind. They may not accept accepted these responses and are aggravating to adjudge if they absolution too late, will they lose their abject or if they absolution aboriginal afterwards the fixes, will we still lose our base. What if we anchored some of the things and appear in a reasonable bulk of time? Will we still accumulate a solid base.

You abiding do accept a lot to say... so how would you fix these issues? Able-bodied ashamed you asked so nicely. I would accord mob acquaintance based on your akin and their own. +0 = 100%, -1 = 85% +1 = 115% etc. Accomplish abiding the quests can be best up mid adventure based on your level.

If you collapsed up to 20 cutting mobs only, the adventure options 20 and beneath would be accessible to you so you can alpha on the adventure band anytime you want. I apperceive this charcoal the adventure a bit but if you are cutting mobs, you apparently aren't too absorbed in the adventure in the aboriginal abode and I'm not traveling to force you to bold through a adventure just because I wrote the story.

I will just accomplish abiding it is accessible to you at any accustomed time. I would accord benefit acquaintance for arena with accompany (Party bonus). I would aswell accord accordant accessory while cutting mobs as well. Im not a fan of too abounding extraneous drops because you stop caring about what is bottomward afterwards a while. I would aswell acquaint with you guys a lot added in detail because lets be honest. Its 2018. Humans in actuality acknowledge that akin of transparency.

But anyways I digress. I achievement you enjoyed my thoughts on this. My abnegation is that I don't plan for Nexon of advance haha. My final thoughts are:

*Expect accession absolute abbreviate accessible beta maybe a anniversary afore release. Just to analysis their server and how abundant it can in fact handle beneath the abounding weight of the a lot of die harder admirers and maybe some experience/gameplay tuning.

*Remember that the advocate and CM (Cuddles) does not ascendancy the development of their game. She can alone advertisement admonition to them and from them. So be nice. Its like babble at a chump annual adumbrative about the aggregation they plan for. As a dev I am abundant MUCH added acceptable to apprehend and respond/listen to a able-bodied anticipation out and effective column from a user.

*Hopefully afterwards annual this, it helps you bigger accept why it may yield time to get the game. It in actuality just comes down to how bound you ambition it vs. how abundant those appearance beggarly to you. And of advance how abundant they affliction to add them.

Thanks for annual and may the delay be with you.