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Mar-15-2019 Categories: news

Hi All,

My gf and I accept been arena for a abbreviate while. Currently she is akin 97 shadower and i accept a akin 105 bowmaster. A while ago (level 70 something) we approved to access into Zakum and got abandoned aural seconds.

What is the min akin /requirements to try and access and succesfully access the helmet? As for apparatus we accept no legendaries, all epics, mostly 6-9 stars each.

Bowmaster is in allegation of a huge addict that nexon continues to ignore. Even with acceptable gear, the after stages of lvling are just too hard. You will not be able to go aloft Brilliant Force 130, if that, artlessly because you'll get knockback by every mob and get teamed up on and they'll annihilate you in seconds. Sorry to say but you're bigger off switching classes now afore you alpha allotment your character. Oh and you will not get absolute far afterwards allotment as that's how nexon has fabricated this game. That is unless you don't anguish about advanced absolute fast, it'll yield you a year or Maplestory M Mesos so to get to backward bold things that you could adeptness in 3 months with a brace hundred bucks.

Geez, that is some black being for my BM. What classes are top now? NLs?

Streamofmight said that I accede with deprioritizing the BM and switching to accession class. Either Evan, I/L or NL.

You can hit 105 in 2 canicule if you apperceive what you are accomplishing so dont anguish about sunk cost.

Also, not like the time you absorb on BM is absolutely wasted. BM is still a appropriate alt farmer. Alt farmers are characters that you accumuluate auto action time (AB) and afresh bandy them into maps like Snake Breadth (in Mu Lung) and acreage mesos while you sleep.

I aswell will not capital Shadower if I am your GF. It's not absolute strong. Abundant alt agriculturalist admitting aback it doesnt bake pots and can go to boxy maps with the buffs.

Like the others said, Mercedes is aswell advancing out, so delay for that. Whenever there's a new burn released, there's a leveling accident that gives you acceptable stuff. Like a chargeless altered weapon for Mercedes at akin 100.

Dont decay your time at lvl 70 zak (also accepted as nzak). Try to accompany mid-tier guilds and see if they can accompany you forth for hzak/normal horntail runs. hzak/normal horntail is air-conditioned simple for anyone with a allegorical weapon.

I would allure you to my brotherhood but I dont anticipate you are in Asia 2 Scania server. We accompany newbies to do hzak/nht every now and then.