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​MapleStory M - Why BM's beat WA's in HHT

news Apr-17-2019

​MapleStory M - Why BM's beat WA's in HHT

Can I see the algebraic you are application to account why BM's beat WA's in HHT? WA on 5 targets still outdamages BM on 6 targets. WA is at 6,293% per casting with BM at 4,860% per cast, which is a cogent difference.

Can I aswell see the algebraic you are application to account why BM's beat WA's in alone target? If we pretend that the Trifling Wind passives and 150 passives for WA do not exist, afresh BM does about 1,947% per added (10 arrows per second) admitting WAs do about 1,680% per added (8 arrows per added with 210% per arrow with one target). If we add WA's Storm Bringer passive, that's already an added 300% per added (125% x 0.3 x 8). At this point, we don't even allegation Trifling Wind acquiescent calculation.

Keep in apperception that if a alone ambition bang-up spawns minions (Empress, Lotus, Lucid, CRA), afresh SoH far exceeds Hurricane in absolute accident because, while % goes down a bit, it applies the accident appear both targets.

In commendations to SF training, end game, all-inclusive majority of BMs still cannot Arrow Stream SF144. A acceptable block of them can't even Arrow Stream 147. On beneath than 7 mobs (which you will about consistently see), SV outdamages AS.

In HHT, anyone accept to hit the appendage and the leg. It is just unavoidable. If WA attacks at a lot of 2 targets if hitting tail, BM can hit 5.

I apperceive able-bodied that WA has TW and lvl 150 SB buff. But accept you apparent what BM has?

1, With all acquiescent and addict and Aggressive skills, BM has 81% Physical Advance addict and 34% Physical Accident addict (x1.81x1.34 = x2.42 damage). WA (with every accomplishment as well) alone has 30% Physical Advance addict and 6% Physical Accident (x1.3x1.06 = x1.38 damage). It agency all BM accomplishment % assets 2.42 multiplier while WA accomplishment % alone assets 1.38 multiplier. A little bit raw % SV that has college than Arrowstream just agency nothing.

2, While WA has TW, BM has Avant-garde Final Advance (60% to accord 95.4% added accident per hit), Mortal Draft (44% added accident every 10 hit), Arrow Platter (31% per hit x 2 platters), Convulsion (110% per hit), all are abacus on top of the furious Hurricane launch.

3, Hurricane aggressive acquiescent has reinforce, bang-up blitz and breach attack. SoH has reinforce, bang-up blitz and crit accident instead. "Split attack" is just aloft comparing to Crit Accident bonus, Maple story M Mesos abnormally if you are application Jaihin weapon (you can do your own math).

The basal line: There is no use to plan on the cardboard with accomplishment descriptions and do a assumption plan on which job has added damage. As apparent above, added than just raw accomplishment %, aftereffect account and addict do bulk a lot. The best way is to cut the aforementioned accouter from BM to accord to WA and analysis the accident in Brotherhood Dungeon, which I did, and begin that BM is ambidextrous added damage.