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​MapleStory M - Which classes are the best to be in a affair with

news Apr-10-2019

​MapleStory M - Which classes are the best to be in a affair with

So aboriginal of all i'll say i'm able to play with 4 acc at the aforementioned time, that beign said i'll ask this:

- Which classes i should accept to play with?

I already acquire a Abbey lvl 137, which i anticipate this is the a lot of important for a party.

Now due to abridgement of dps from my bish i was cerebration about traveling with 2 I/L mages and the endure acc ability be an Evan, but i'm not 100% abiding about this, Maplestory M Mesos that's why i'm actuality allurement for help.

Note: I accept buffs are important so i was because bottomward 1 I/L and alter it with a DK just because of the buffs that offers.

Any account of how can i advance my party?

For me as connected as there is a abbey in affair with 20% exp buff, every added job is acceptable as connected as they authority a allegorical weapon (I am training at SF130/133). Some humans animosity those application alleged “selfish exp items” which lowers the accident (e.g., 2 mulung necks, charlatan set, rex earrings etc), but I am accomplished with annihilation (though I am not application them).

If it is about an ideal aggregation that is a lot of able in training (assume all captivation allegorical weapon lvl 30), I would say:

- Abbey (hypers into Holy Symbol + Advanced Blessing + Holy Shield)

- Dark Knight (to abate HP burning and advance survivability)

- Evan (high accident + addict magic/physical damage)

- 5. 6. I/L mages x 3 (the a lot of able job in SF)