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​MapleStory M - Which bang-up accent to choose

news Sep-03-2019

Zakuum helm: Phy def 300 Mag def 300 Max hp 3500.

Crit bulk 2% Crit dmg 2%.


Enraged zakuum belt Phy def 500 Mag def 500 Max hp 500 Max np 900 Phy dmg abatement 2.5% Mag dmg abatement 2.5% Bang-up atk 3% Crit dmg 2%.


Horntail chaplet Max Hp 120 Max Mp 60 Crit atk 45 Crit dmg 2%.

I'm arena a apparition with utgard pikestaff which agency I get no appropriate access in dmg from my account (1 year ceremony box). But beggars can't be chooser.