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May-13-2019 Categories: news

What should I be leveling up for my I/L mage? I just hit 100 and I'm not abiding what to max aboriginal added etc.

OreithyiaA2Z told me the adviser here:

Chain Lightning > Frost Clutch > Arcane Aim > Blizzard > Elquines / Addict Mastery > Infinity > Frozen Orb > Freezing Breath CL is acclimated a lot of of the time so maxing it aboriginal gives a lot of accident boost, FC boosts accident significantly, added than AA, Blizzard is acclimated added a lot of frequently, Elquines gives complete baby accident boost, Addict Mastery helps you survive a little better.

Infinity gives a constant addition to bang-up damage, Orb isn't acclimated frequently anywhere except for Zakum (if you're traveling the bossing avenue afresh Orb will in actuality be acclimated frequently even on individual ambition bosses, ONLY IF you haven't apart the Lv.150 Hyper Buff, this is to actualize benumb endless for added accident on CL, afterwards Lv.150 it's not acclimated frequently on individual ambition bosses).

Freezing Breath is useless. I never anytime use it. Accident is way too low even with Hypers.

Do you anticipate so?

Can anyone amuse admonition me more?