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I'm an F2P player, and my capital is akin 109 at the moment. I assuredly got to a abode breadth I accomplishment my quests, do dailies, and absorb my auto action at SF45.

Even including the auto battling, I'm appealing abundant done with my capital with lots of time of the day leftover, so I ample I would alpha authoritative alts to pump him up.

What I don't apperceive is, what should I be in fact accomplishing on my alt? Already I get him leveled, should I be alleviative it the aforementioned as my main, like accomplishing Circadian Dungeons, Elites, Mu Lung, etc. every day?

Or is it acceptable to just affirmation the 2-hr autobattle and stick him in a mini alcove every day?

How abundant should I be advance my alt? I accept I shouldn't do any enhancing/leveling of accessory aback those abstracts could be acclimated for my main. Do I even bother affairs Epic+ accessory for him?

Sorry, I feel like I've been alarming up the subreddit with impaired abecedarian questions, but you all accept been cool helpful!

ElcheleI told me that...

First break on sf 40 until you can get to sf 80 is the best abode to lvl aback you absorb beneath meso. Accumulate leveling your alts to get powders and weapons.

Remember that you can get added 10 min and 30 min by accomplishing the dailys accumulate blockage if you did your circadian challenges: get in a party, use 10 pots, etc etc, you aswell get gold leafs wich you will charge afterwards in bold dont decay them.

Also if you can do a added annual it may admonition you in the connected run. I use my wife annual to admonition alternation my alts now. And i acclimated to alternation her and now her appearance helps a lot.

Do the dungeons and able-bodied afterwards you are done go play something abroad in the connected run alts are a way to get powders to admonition your capital or get meso aback you get equips you can sell, even if you advertise at the minimum amount accepting 300k for anniversary alt if you accept 10 is 3 comminute a day.

Or you can akin a weapon or armor in all your alts agglutinate it with added and afresh advertise the different it depends in how you are managing your meso.

Right now im animate on all my alts to get them to lvl 125 to get added powders, akin my capital equips faster or akin up accessory faster to sell. Maxed different equips (lvl 20) advertise for about 70 ish comminute Maplestory M meso.