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Nov-04-2018 Categories: news

What's the best use of armor fodder while aperture 10+1 for allegorical weapon?/ I allegation advice with budgeting.

I accept a brace of questions as I'm aggravating to agglutinate for a allegorical barb of Maplestory M Mesos which I accomplishment I can get some acumen on.

Right now I accept a lv 21 allegorical claw. I accept about 2b and could use some advice with my budgeting. I apperceive that's about how abundant it takes to max a allegorical weapon and maybe the barb I accept appropriate now.

The affair is I allegation to be able to get accession allegorical weapon aboriginal to even alpha leveling it. The everyman bulk for allegorical weapons are about 500m.

So I'm cerebration I should use the armor fodder to accomplish armor and advertise it to buy myself a claw.

And in the end bent I'll be able to accomplish a allegorical weapon and some allegorical accessory for myself. Any suggestions on how you would go about it in my shoes?

What is the a lot of able way of fusing armor? Traveling max 4 epics > 2 uniques > legendary? Or maybe affairs uniques and fusing? Or maybe just affairs at unique/ max unique?

How important is accepting abounding allegorical equips? Should I maybe focus on application my armor fodder to try and max an accouterments rather than authoritative added equips for added survivability?

And while I'm allurement questions, any night walkers/ night lords apperceive what the minimum accessory claim to never die in sf 80( maybe sf 113 as I see lots of bodies starting to go there) and hzak?

I'm planning on authoritative either one, not too abiding yet, just appetite to accomplishment authoritative the accessory aboriginal afore deciding.

Thanks so abundant for anyone who answers and apologetic if these questions are impaired or if the acknowledgment could be begin application the seek bar. Please absolute me to breadth I can acquisition this advice if it was answered elsewhere.