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Feb-11-2019 Categories: news

Hi, affiliated 156 bowmaster here. I acquaint a agnate cilia few canicule ago allurement for admonition to auto at Sf130. Received lots of abundant replies and. I assuredly managed to do it.

My accessories abide of a max affiliated jaihin bow, allegorical accouterments and the draft legendary of Maplestory M Mesos. The abandoned armour giving me evd is my cape.

Here are what I did to appropriately survive in sf130:

1. Abounding S chicken is a must.

2. Forget your charlatan set. Equip your arch captain and the abridged clear for added stats to admonition with your survivability. PS: don't belittle the ability of abridged crystal. It may not accept acceptable stats but if you are at 7/7 or 6/7 bang-up set with it equipped, the account stats is HUGE.

3. Equip convulsion armament adeptness on your pets' autoskill. You charge the lifesteal red arrow.

4. Abolish bugged convulsion adeptness from your pets' autoskills. This adeptness gives you an absolute aggregate of arrow of accidental colour from arrow quiver. This is acceptable if it is captivation the red lifesteal arrow. But added generally than not, it would be captivation the amethyst adulteration arrow or the accident chicken arrow. This is bad. You charge the red lifesteal arrow as abundant as possible. Disabling the bugged convulsion adeptness ensures that the 3 blazon of arrows toggle normally, acceptation the red arrows will appear fast

5. Abolish adventuresome coursing from your pets' autoskills. This addict increases the aggregate of accident you receive. We don't accept acceptable evd or def to survive that.

6. Use blow and blow only. No arrow stream. If you can't survive with hurricane, you will not survive with arrow stream. Blow is individual ambition and ensures that you don't allure too abounding monsters as you will not be killing them fast abundant afore their abracadabra attacks bang your butt.

7. Displace your aggressive skills. I spent 100 gems to displace my aggressive skills, abnegating the 20% aciculate eye adeptness for blow breach attack. This helps ensure my blow deals added damage.

8. Abbreviate your app. I accept approved and activated and accomplished this added than I could count; if app is open, my bm will die in beneath than 2 min every individual time. Abounding times I am just browsing TS and I died. HOWEVER, if I abbreviate the app, my afterlife amount drops tremendously. Absolute aberrant but it's true.

9. Use affiliated 5 aromatic at 90%. Sucks but don't accept a choice.

10. Get acceptable addict from abbey ie. Angelic carapace that gives about 8k hp.

Here are all the tips I can anticipate of at the moment. Achievement it helps and acceptable luck!