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​MapleStory M - Wands and Staffs questions

news Nov-17-2019

​MapleStory M - Wands and Staffs questions

So I see there are altered wands and Staffs to accept from. Obviously assertive ones are not as able or ideal as others, and appropriately so.

That accepting said, I see a ton of humans application primarily the Jaihin prefixed ones.

By my deductive reasoning, I am academic Jaihin is the a lot of powerful? If so, why? Why not any of the others? Pros and cons?

Also, is there a aberration amid application a Baton or a Staff? Or is that just a bulk of alternative for aesthetics purposes?

Boss advance weapon gives 13%/20% at lv 30/40 (If analyze to crit dmg weapon it may accord >= crit dmg weapon on bossing because bang-up advance accord college assorted than phys/mag advance but doesn't admonition on training)

Crit amount weapon xx%/xx% at lv 30/40 (Doesn't bulk because we can max crit amount with buffs, crit amount cap is 90% I believe)

Crit dmg weapon gives 54%/108% at lv 30/40 (It may accord accomplished dmg and plan both on agriculture & bossing appropriately big-ticket af)

Exp weapon gives 10%/20% at lv 30/40 (Only for leveling purposes)

Wand or Agents is appearance bounded, There are characters can use baton alone & characters can use agents only. Alone Evan can use both.

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