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​MapleStory M - Tips for dw

news Oct-10-2019

​MapleStory M - Tips for dw

Just starting a new dw character, any dw mains acquire any tips on the abilities to use for ab and aggressive abilities to lvl? For mobbing you would use Solar Pierce/Crescent Divide for capital mobbing. Along with Impaling Rays/Styx bridge on rotation.

Bossing/Single ambition you use Speeding Sunset/Moon Dancer (Same impaling/styx also).

Hyper abilities you would go for Divide and Pierece - Reinforce & Added Strike, Maplestory M Mesos afresh True Sight-Reinforce & Student of the blade-Reinforce.

Other than that the hypers are basically just for bossing. Added Strike careening and bang-up ATK % etc.

Neigepls said that... I accede with a lot of of the points, but would like to agenda that I acquire altered aggressive acquiescent upgraded:

1, Divide and Pierce Added Strike (16.67% access in dps, 1 added attach out of 6 originally)

2, True Sight Reinforce

3, Added Strike Careening (25% access in dps, 1 added advance out of 4 originally)

4, Divide and Pierce Spread (9 mobs hit, helps in SF144 for survivability, as able-bodied as approaching top SF)

The acumen I did not go with Student of the brand reinforce, is because the 10% crit dmg will be bargain by your Crit rate. E.g, a comatose crit amount of say, 35%, would beggarly that this acquiescent gives you a 35% access of 10%, which is alone 3.5% access in dps (not demography into annual Crit ATK multiplier, but you get the idea).

I chose Added Strike Careening because its a college access (25% for bossing and chiral battle), vs. the bottomless 10% access of Divide and Pierce Reinforce.