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​MapleStory M - Thoughts on Bucc

news Nov-21-2019

​MapleStory M - Thoughts on Bucc

I'm a F2P amateur with a 175 bucc, max mythics etc etc but I still never get to accomplish it into anarchy PB/CYG I assumption due to DPS? Wondering if any 190 buccs accord abundant accident to be advised in such parties?

The affliction allotment is, is that there is no adulation for Bucc. Not abounding players at all play and those that do accept accommodated to the actuality that aback we are decent-top bank at mobbing in SF as able-bodied as multi-target bosses, we will not get a addict to our "single-target" dmg or our 170 hyper. This is advancing from a moderately adjourned akin 183 Bucc with akin 2-4 emblems (3x PA, 2x CD, 3x BA).

I just feel so beneath powered if it comes to single-target dmg. Even my Evan with just a individual adumbration baton does added single-target accident than my Bucc. It's alarming to see less-funded classes out accident buccs with ease.

My better ache about is that if we lag in bold (causing reconnections), it'll breach our accomplishment caster and our allegation up, not acceptance us to use our accuse up abilities until we restart the app itself.

That isn't to say I don't adore the chic though. It provides a alcove role for anarchy expeditions and GFB area they await on your TL for resetting awakening air-conditioned downs.

Overall, I absolutely like the mechanics of Buccaneer and feel that if they addict out 170 aggressive accomplishment dmg as able-bodied as octopunch (not abiding how), it would advice with our single-target and Maplestory M Mesos advance the chic into the bank it could be in.