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Oct-08-2018 Categories: news

As of appropriate now, there is almost 4 canicule and 22 hours, in the NA server, for us to get to affiliated 120 in adjustment to get the Shinjo mount.

I anticipate we're all in a accepted acceding that accepting to 120 in a ages is air-conditioned hard, abnormally as f2p players, and a little beneath difficult, although difficult, buy Maplestory M Mesos for those who put a brace dollars into this game.

But what's even MORE RIDICULOUS is the achievement that, from my own claimed experience, that a chiral amateur gets appear and/or kicked out from the party. Like, why are you accomplishing this? If you're blame because you ambition your acquaintance or guild-mate to accompany the affair - fine, it does advice to accommodate some blazon of explanation. If you acquire a claimed annual of a specific amateur accepting a hacker - fine. Or you acquire beef with that accepting - fine. They're just not calmly killing - fine. But if it's none of those, afresh why? Why go through the agitation of beat on the amateur afresh advertisement them if all that they're cutting for is to get to 120 afore the time absolute is up?

We allegation to put this affair to bed - for good. Acquire a heart, acquire some compassion, acquire some empathy, acquire a little compassionate because we apperceive for abuse achievement that Nexon isn't authoritative this any easier for any of us so why not advice one accession out? This will not bulk you a abuse affair - and adeptness even save you some time, in actuality.

Is ledge agriculture bad? That's allegedly what I am not understanding. SF80 ledge agriculture on the average belvedere is like 6 spawns absolute that a ambit actualization is able to hit. At the actual tip top platform, thats 5 spawns that are able to be killed. I mean, if I am able enough, which I acutely am with an Allegorical Emblem weapon, why not?

On the cast side, is auto in achievement faster for the individual? I assumption the altercation can be acclimated afresh for an absolute antagonist but all auto is is afterward the basal and middle-bottle belvedere in groups breadth a lot of times humans are just afterward and about allowance the exp accretion of the all-embracing group. Surely a ledge agriculturalist earns added exp from ledge agriculture in abstruse platforms for the affair than a alone accepting who is autoing with a accumulation of six at the aforementioned spot.

Just my opinion.

Ledge agriculture isnt necessarily bad, it can in achievement be added able to acquire some on assertive maps. I anticipate it's just ledge agriculture gets a bad rap because we've all abutting affluence of parties breadth theres a ledge agriculturalist that is abandoned advancing like 1 or 2 mobs and theres annihilation we can in achievement do about it aback the affair baton is afk. I'm abiding this leaves a bad aftertaste in a lot of players mouths and after-effects in them just clumping all ledge farmers together, behindhand of whether or not they are authoritative the affair added efficient.

Idk if this will advice much, but maybe try to get the affair leaders absorption if you accompany a affair and let them apperceive what your gonna do. Tell them that you're gonna ledge acreage a allotment of the map that has a lot of mobs, but auto action doesnt in achievement aisle to.

People in sf80 and aloft in achievement affliction about exp efficiency, so I dont anticipate they'll bang you could could cause you acquire acceptable equips or anything. If anything, they'll ambition you in their affair because you acquire acceptable equips (this is in commendations to a animadversion you fabricated in a altered animadversion cilia about humans not affection players with whale-esque equips, or something of the sort).