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Dec-02-2018 Categories: news

Right now the MSM association is arrant out for Nexon to fix the bold economy. At this point the mesos sellers did beneath abuse to the abridgement than Nexon has.

It is acceptable added difficult to advertise items and accomplish a cogent abounding bulk of Maplestory M Mesos, to acquiesce players to feel any array of allusive faculty of progression in the game.

When progression becomes brackish (something I'm abiding abounding of you are already experiencing), the bold becomes stagnant, and players lose absorption in favor of new games.

We don't wish to feel affected into award a new bold or demography break to delay for change or abbreviate lived thrills of new content. We wish to be able to feel like the time we put into the bold is blame our characters forward.

I ask that Nexon advice acquisition a band-aid for the Barter Station that encourages common and abounding trade.

As connected as mesos are accepting alien to the abridgement at a acceptable rate, players will feel safe spending mesos animate that they'll be able to acquire them back. This would ensure that barter stays animate and the abridgement thrives.

What would accomplish you feel bigger about the economy?

- Accretion meso cap on ballsy items?

- Acceptance added than 10 items to be purchased per day?

- Nexon affairs affordable meso packages?

- Rewarding players for buying/selling in TS (daily/weekly/monthly achievements)?

- Accretion meso bead amount for college akin mobs?

All of the above, none of the above, some of the above, added suggestion?

I apperceive I'm not the alone one who has been added anxious with the accompaniment of the in-game economy. I see players talking about it added and more.

If you're addition amateur black with the accompaniment of the Barter Station and the abridgement in general, afresh articulation your concerns, allocution about solutions. Maybe we get ignored, or maybe we advice change things for the better!